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  1. Some site suggestions for community achievements

    Since there are some new community achievements I thought some site changes would also help the use of the community section of ToyDemon

    1. Clicking the discuss on the top bar should open

  2. Meiki lotion 250ml Replacement?

    The Meiki lotion was not picked up due to pricing and other issues.

    Has anyone found a good replacement?

    I liked Meiki because it was Not sticky.

  3. Do you enjoy soft or hard onaholes?

    Just a quick poll because I've been wondering how popular one or the other was.

    If you'd like please comment what your favorite soft/hard onahole is, or if you enjoy both share your favorite

    Do you prefer Soft or Hard Onaholes?

  4. Add to Cart Glitch?

    Every time I add something new to my cart I get 2 of the item.

    It's pretty consistent, but I'm wondering if it's just my system?

    Anyone else experiencing anything similar?

  5. My first ever soft toy experience, Lilith Uterus Soft Tomax

    I just bought the Lilith Uterus Soft.
    I have to say this is my now new top 2 of all time!
    All these years and I had no clue this type of product exist!

    I usually use ZXY and hardly