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  1. Sleeves & Onaholes - Filter on Weight Please?

    Set all the filters I could and started shopping. Maybe I'll find something interesting? Though I'll probably end up going with my tried and true fave. 258 results. Scroll, scroll, scroll. 80% of these

  2. Green checkmark (you've bought this) is missing

    This has been happening to me for a while intermittently. That green checkmark is missing for me on everything. Is there a setting to keep that enabled?

  3. Harder Outside with Softer Inside 2-Layer?

    Soft toy enthusiast here. I want a 2-layer sleeve that's super soft on the inside with a harder (but not hard plastic) TPE outer shell to enhance tightness. So basically the opposite of all the 2-layer

  4. Recommended

    I'm looking to purchase a stroker. Pocket pussy. I've owned one and I'm not that impressed. I'm looking for one that is snug, and a lot of stimulation. My size is 6.25 and on the thicker size as my girlfriend

  5. What are some of the “Free Gifts” you get from the FG50 coupon?

    Title kinda says it all. I’m thinking about buying something a little under $50, and was wondering if it would be worth it to add some smaller things to my cart to use the coupon.