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  1. Crypto Payment Option (Bitcoin/Etherium)

    Is there any plan for Bitcoin/Etherium or other crypto payment option in the future?
    I noticed the otonajp has the crypto payment option.

  2. No June Perks? No Memorial Day Sale?

    I was planning to make a purchase but, I see sudden price increase. Turns out May member discount perks ended.

    I see toydemon had perks every month, but how come there's none in June?

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  1. Vaginal Macaron Gichi Gichi Soft

    Very soft yet very stimulating due to folds. It was very satisfying and the feeling us unlike any other!

    Now, I'm tempted to buy the other black version which isn't on sale.

    The shape and the outer texture is ergonomic and nice to hold. You might be saying does outer shape texture even matter? Yes very much so.

    I had couple of other onaholes with slippery or awkward shape. It will detract greatly from your masturbating experience. I'm looking at you monster series onaholes.

    In conclusion, the inner texture, folds and the softness makes it god tier. On of the best! I'll give it my personal recommendation.

    I've not used it for long, so I can't say much about the durability though.

    Soft yet firm amazing inner texture
    Ergonomic nice to hold

    Be gentle when washing. Don't break the inner folds.

  2. Meiki no Syoumei 05 Zhang Xiao Yu

    It certainly lived up to the hype. When I tried it I was fairly new to the onaholes. I had an 1 cheap, 1 expensive Tenga and 1-2 other cheap onaholes. And this was by far the best. But after that I bought many other N.P.G onaholes. And this is one of the best.

    It's very old and reliable. True.
    But IMO, the TPE material has improved a lot. The later version of N.P.G onaholes have sturdier material. I like the feel on the hands way better.

    The pattern and the pressure is truly unique. I would recommend it to buy it in any case. It is the timeless art form, a solid benchmark.

    My personal taste is less intense. So, I prefer the new N.P.G with straight tunnels for everyday use. It might be a little bit too stimulating for everyday use. It's for once a month use for special occasions? LOL

    It's the EVA of the mecha genre.
    tight pleasurable tunnel
    Nice tunnel curve (new ones doesn't have this type of tunnels anymore)
    no smell
    hefty, thick

    Old. loose entrance. (might leak if lube is too liquid)
    Old style foamy material.

  3. The Alchemist of Ars Magna Sonia Gerbera

    Very good for below 30$ product!

    -The inner pattern is quite nice. Feels super good! Might even be better than the expensive onaholes
    -Very small and compact. Good for travel and it just fits in drawer.
    -Easy to clean
    -It has quality material

    It's a bit unfair to compare it to a proper $60+ N.P.G large onaholes. But here it goes:
    - The tunnel is a little short for average size
    - The entrance is just a small hole and looks bad compared to actual cameltoe shape
    - The entrance is just a tiny and a tad bit annoying to insert
    - It's small and it has not enough material. So, you will feel your hand pressure directly...

    In conclusion, I would rather buy a proper 60$ onahole than three 20$ holes...
    But I would buy 1 just for travel purpose?

  4. TENGA Air Flow Cup

    This is single use. Buy any other 10-20$ onaholes. They are for multiple use and has WAY better feel. Similar to fleshlights, this has a hole for suction, but it will blow an air to your face: not a good feeling. Also, as instructed I tried to close the hole with my finger for better suction. But it did not suck properly, just made lots of farting noise. Did not feel good at all. I would say it's tiny bit better than hands if at all. The lubricant has mint. Not bad if you are into that.

  5. TENGA Flip Zero Electronic Vibration Black

    I bought Black Electric, and Non eclectic white. The white is soft and nice for me. But the black is a bit hard, and the vibrating motors feel like cancer tumors... Did not like it... But it did do the job. rather fast tho. just buy none electric white version. cheaper better softer.

    easy to clean and stylish.

    with vibration > too hard fast, not enjoyable, non voluntary forced ejaculations' with vibrators... felt like a farm animal...
    without vibration > the motors felt like tumors. very uncomfortable unpleasant protrusions...

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