What's up you perverts. It's me, ya boy. I would like to start off by saying this. I am not the type of guy to fanboy over anything. I am the type of guy to fanboy over great deals. Let me get started.

You have a few options when you are buying Onaholes when you live in the USA. There is OtonaJP, Amazon, Motsutoys, JList, and of course, ToyDemon. I am sure there are others that I am not mentioning here, but these are the main ones. Let's go over the costs of Onaholes in general for each.

- OtonaJP: Onaholes are generally cheaper on their retail price listings. For example, Akaris Buttocks is $304.22 on OtonaJP but on ToyDemon it is $450.03. However the shipping for ToyDemon is free, while the shipping for OtonaJP is at most expensive, $384.32 and at the cheapest $112.36. The cheapest option can take up to a couple months. OtonaJP overall has more in their inventory at any given time, as they ship directly from Japan, but the shipping costs are usually crazy expensive. They do sell snacks though.

- Amazon: Amazon prices generally rival ToyDemon's prices. With free shipping as well. However, with Amazon, you are buying not from Amazon, but from sellers that use Amazon as a store front. Similar to how Ebay works, you can sell on Ebay but you aren't Ebay. The prices are tied, but you don't know how trustworthy the seller is, unless they have a lot of reviews. You also don't know how long it'll take for them to ship. ToyDemon usually ships as soon as possible. Also some sellers ship from Japan, and some from the USA, so with Amazon it can be tied with ToyDemon, or it can be far behind. It depends who you are buying from.

- MotsuToys: Usually prices for Onaholes and Hips are tied with ToyDemon, with ToyDemon usually being slightly cheaper. Shipping to the USA is 25 EURO = 27.1648 US Dollars for purchases less than 120 EUROS = 133.26 US Dollars. Purchases of above 120 EUROS have free shipping. Shipping to the USA usually ships after 1-2 days, and of course that will vary, and ship through UPS. The catch of course is, that MotsuToys are not in the USA. ToyDemon orders on average will get here much faster than items from MotsuToys, because ToyDemon is within the United States. MotsuToys has to ship overseas still, and might take much longer to get here. Not a bad option, as long as you get the free shipping, or if you don't mind paying 27 USD for shipping for cheaper orders.

- JList: Generally have higher prices when compared to pretty much every website on here. For example, the Goku-Hida Virgin Octopus Onahole is $33.90 on ToyDemon, yet it is $45.00 on JList. Also the shipping is quite expensive. It ships through DHL from Japan and can cost between $31.66 and $51.42. The shipping can become more expensive, or less expensive based on the weight of the package I'm sure. So overall the pricing sort of balances out to be fairly equal with OtonaJP's pricing, which is quite expensive when compared to Amazon or MotsuToys, or ToyDemon. Overall, they have much more product to choose from than just sex toys, so if you wanted this might be worth it for you because of that.

- ToyDemon: Free shipping after $125. Code SHIPFREE ships any product at $35 or more for free. Also there is the code NEWSHIPFREE. Lots of cheaper shipping options. Also a lot of free goodies to choose from within the Promos section is you already have an order that qualifies for free shipping. Based within the United States, so has the fastest shipping among any distributors that I have listed. When you account for shipping costs, ToyDemon has the cheapest prices among all of them. Amazon can tie with ToyDemon, as can MotsuToys at times, but they cannot match the speed at which ToyDemon ships. Amazon can at TIMES but it is not as consistent. ToyDemon's only real drawback is that the selection is sometimes smaller than the competition, but for having all these benefits included, it is worth it. ToyDemon also restocks so sometimes if something is out, you just have to wait a bit to get it again.

Overall, these have been my thoughts on these businesses. I believe that with ToyDemon you truly get the best deal for Onaholes, Hips, and other Japanese sex toys, if you live within the United States that is.