Hello all you perverts. It's me, ya boy, BadDragon69. Known as /u/Bad-Society on Reddit if you want to say what's up. I have spent thousands of dollars on sex toys. I've bought stuff from Fleshlight, Bad Dragon, ToyDemon, and many other places. A few months ago I purchased this from here:


To say the least, it was pretty great. The only thing that could be improved in my opinion was having an anal cavity. I loved to fuck this thing and it was one of the best toys I experienced. Magic Eyes always seems to deliver. But, to cut a long story short, I had to throw it away.

You might be asking why? Well, let's get some bullet points down, because I know you are all busy people.

- Size/Storage is a problem. It is way too big to fix in most areas, and if you are worried about someone seeing it, this becomes an issue. I got the torso/doll storage bag from here and it made it a lot easier. But still, quite a BIG problem, literally.

- Cleaning was an issue. Unlike most onaholes which are just sleeves, or hips, this one was quite hard to fit under the sink. Ultimately, I had to use a shower whenever I wanted to clean it, making this a big thing to clean. It was also quite floppy even with the structure inside, making it hard to maneuver when cleaning.

- Drying was cumbersome, with it's size it was quite huge, and you can just face the onahole straight down, or use a dry stick, but even with those, I suppose there was limited airflow, meaning that the dry time was quite long.

- The torso not having a head or arms or legs was kind of weird, sort of an uncanny valley effect. You might be into it or not.

However, it was not all bad, there were a lot of good reasons why I liked it. It was more realistic, easier to be handsfree, a nice feeling when fucking it, more resistance and mass to hold up against fucking it, boobs and ass to grab onto, and the weight itself was nice to feel on top of you.

Overall, it wasn't for me, and if I was honest with myself, I would have realized that from the get go. Don't be like me, think about the pros and cons of this type of toy, and if you think it truly is for you, then go for it. Otherwise, maybe go for something smaller. These torsos are quite expensive as well, so throwing it away was somewhat painful, but hey, it just had to be done with where my life was heading. Overall though, the Pure Bride Idealism was a great toy, and Magic Eyes is pretty much always great.