Hello! I am quite experienced when it comes to Fleshlights, Onaholes, Bad Dragon penetrables, and pretty much everything you can put your dick into. It has taken me a while but I have gotten a fairly advanced understanding of internals. I will do my best to explain to you all what internals feel like so that you can better understand these types of toys.

- Material -

There are essentially two types of main materials.

TPE is the main one that you will see. TPE stands for Thermoplastic elastomers, sometimes referred to as thermoplastic rubbers, are a class of copolymers or a physical mix of polymers that consist of materials with both thermoplastic and elastomeric properties. You can learn about TPE in the link below if you are interested in the material itself.


TPE is the more stretchy, and more realistic material of the two main materials used in Fleshlight/Onahole type toys. It is less regulated than Platinum Silicone, yet in my experience is perfectly safe.

Platinum Silicone is the second main material. Platinum cure silicone, also called addition cure silicone, are two-component high tear strength and flexible mold or casting compounds. They are recommended as a mold material for casting polyurethane, epoxy, or polyester resins, wax and a wide range of other casting materials. You can find out more about Platinum Silicone here in the link below.


Platinum Silicone is generally not as realistic. Platinum Silicone or PS for short, is much more resistant to being squished, thus making it easier to feel the different textures, overall making PS toys much more stimulating than other TPE ones. You generally find PS in toys from Bad Dragon, or other independent creators like StrangeBedFellas. PS is regarded as safer than TPE, and has more lab testing on it to support the claim, when compared to TPE.

- Hole Construction -

There are many types of ways to make a hole. I will make quick points about all of the known ways that orifices and holes are made.

Through-Hole Design: Generally easier to clean than a closed hole design, because it has airflow. Also through-hole designs are able to have water be flushed out through the entire toy because of the open design of it. Generally through-hole designs have less suction, and are slightly messier than closed hole, because lube/cum/etc can leak out the back. Although it is widely regarded as much easier to clean when compared to a closed hole. Usually much more noisy.

Closed Hole Design: Closed hole designs have high suction due to it being a closed system. It is regarded as harder to clean because there is not much airflow, and is not able to flush water and toy cleaner through the entire toy like a through-hole design. Generally much less messy because there is no open ended system. Usually less noisy, but can make noises from suction if the suction is high enough.

Y Hole Systems: This is a hole design that connects two holes to one area within the toy internally. These toys are slightly easier to clean than having two individual holes because you can flush water through the internals out one end into the other end. Water goes in the ass, goes out of the vagina, so to speak. These can be harder to dry in the closed system version of a Y hole, because water can get trapped at the very back of the Y system. In a through-hole Y system, it can make the entire toy much easier to clean, as you can flush the toy out both ends and have air flow through the entire system.

Closed Y Hole System

Through-Hole Y System

Mysterious Hole Systems: There are always some exceptions, and though you can use these hole types to identify most holes, there are of course crazier types of holes, like seen below in the image.

- Internal Layer Construction -

There are generally two types of layer construction. There is Single Layer construction, which means the entire toy is made out of the same material, and there is Dual Layer construction which means two types of materials are used.

Single Layer Construction: Generally the long lasting/more durable type of the two. Since it is all made of one material, there is no chance of different materials splitting apart from one another. Generally regarded as the less stimulating of the two, and perhaps the less realistic of the two.

Dual Layer Construction: Generally does not last as long as Single Layer. Uses one material for the outside, and a different material for the internals. This creates the ability to create two types of feelings, one for the outside of the toy which generally is made to feel more like skin, and then one for the inside which is a different material to feel more like the internals of a vagina, mouth, ass or whatnot. Has the risk of the internal layer splitting from the outer layer, yet is generally regarded as more stimulating and realistic.

- Quality of Materials -

In general TPE, Platinum Silicone, and anything has different grades and levels of quality. It is hard to tell at first the level of quality, and price is not always the best indicator. I found there are a few ways to tell the quality of these materials. Smell, does it smell bad? If so it might be lower quality. Tackiness and stickiness can be caused by normal use, but in some materials it can be overly so which reduces the quality and feel of the toy. If you see bits of the toy tearing or bits of the toy coming off, it usually isn't that quality. If you see incorrect or abnormal molding, like parts of the toy that have been incorrectly casted, it might be a sign of bad quality control. Country origin is not always the best indicator of quality, but brand name can be a good way to tell which toys will be quality or not. If a toy leaves residue on you, it can be a sign of bad quality.

Overall this is a case by case basis. You need to develop a "taste" and understanding for yourself on how to tell quality. Smell, touch, visual inspection all go into this. Do not be afraid to examine your toy carefully. You are putting your dick in it after all.

- Different Types of Orifices -

Many people say that the orifice of a toy does not matter. This is not true. There is absolutely a difference in feeling between an anal onahole and a vaginal onahole, even if it has the same texture design on the inside.

Oral Designs: Generally more sloppy, loudest of the bunch, designed to simulate a blowjob. Can include things like a tongue and mouth, which is something you want to consider if you want. Tongues are a big part of blowjobs. Generally more of a more open orifice than the others, meaning low suction on the beginning.

Anal Designs: Generally the tightest of the orifices. Usually has quite high suction because the orifice/buttholes cuts off the airflow, and creates a cock-ring type of situation. Can be the second loudest, because if air sneaks past the asshole, the suction is high so it can make a loud noise.

Vaginal Designs: Generally the middle ground for the orifices. Vaginas have the most varied shapes of all the traditional orifices. It can have big labia lips that touch you, fat pussy lips that grip you, or it can be anywhere in between. Consider the outside vagina, and think about what attracts you most with how vaginas look like and go for that. Vaginas are probably one of the most quiet of orifices, yet since they are so varied, they can also make a decent amount of noise.

- Different Patterns of Texturing in Toys -

The textures of toys like this are like a language. You can sort of understand what they will feel like just by looking at them.

Lotus Nodes: These are points in the texture that feel like you are breaking into a new layer. Like you are penetrating a hole within a hole. Not as strong as a Uterus node, but still quite a "pop" feeling.

At 3.8 Inches:

Three lotus nodes at the beginning:

Bumps: These are generally textures that are bumps along the texture. They feel like massage on your penis as you go back and forth. It is generally not that stimulating, but just feels like a nice rubbing/massage type of deal. This type of texture can have multiple types of shapes, from the circular bumps you see below, to even wilder types of octopus types of bump like you see below.

Ribs: Ribbed textures feel like you are going against a lot of resistance. You can feel each ridge in some materials, which feels like a slightly pop pop pop feeling. Not as strong of a pop feeling as the Uterus or Lotus nodes, but still noticeable pop feeling that is the more mild popping texture.

Spirals: These spiral type patterns can feel like a milking sort of feeling. As you go in, it spirals around you, and as you go out, it spirals the opposite way. There are varying degrees to spirals, but generally this is the case.

Super Ridged: More of a grindy feeling, sort of like sandpaper on your dick, but in a good way. Provides a great amount of resistance, and you feel the ridges sliding up and down on your as you go back and forth into them. You see this in oral toys quite a lot to try and replicate the feeling of the top ridges of your mouth and such.

Seen in the top hole at the beginning of the texture:

No Texture: Generally just feels like a warm hole with no real texture. Is not stimulating at all, and probably a very outdated way to make toys.

Uterus Node: The ultimate "pop" feeling. Feels like breaking through a barrier, or in other words, another hole. Imagine if there was a secondary butthole inside of the onahole/fleshlight, and this is what it feels like. Very stimulating, usually on the penis head.

Seen at the end of the texture:

Tentacles: These are tentacle type/brush type textures that will brush along your shaft back and forth as you use it. Feels like a brushing motion, combined with a massaging motion. Provides a good amount of resistance and stimulation on your member.

Spikes: Feel similar to bumps, but because of the point at the end of the texturing, they provide more stimulation and almost like a tickling type of feeling on your shaft.

Curves: Curves within the texturing can provide a tightness, and gripping type of sensation. As you go into it, you basically are met with resistance as you overcome the curves of the internals. Can be a great stimulating feeling that feels like you are being gripped by a living person.

In general, these are the basic types of texturing that can be used in these toys. The size can vary, and the shape can vary, but in general you can find the different types of texturing to fall within these categories.

- Tightness -

In general, the tighter a texture is, the less you will feel the texturing. This has to do with your penis circumference, but the tighter the texture, the more that the texture will smash down on your penis, and that means you will feel less of the texture, and more of just squeezing. You need room to feel detailed texturing in other words.