The fact is, unless you are going to spend more than 200 USD, the sale is not really worth it. 10% of 50 USD is 5 USD, and at that point you might as well save the code option and use the free shipping code to save yourself 10 USD on shipping.

Basically, the only time that the 4 for 15% off code becomes useful is if you use it on a 67 USD purchase. At that point you will be saving yourself 0.05 USD. If you are using the 2 for 10% off, you are going to have to spend more than 100 USD in order to save any money rather than just using the free shipping code.

Also, good luck trying to find 4 items that are of decent quality that will save you a substantial amount of money. Maybe if you get 3 tenga eggs and one magic eyes onahole or something, but overall, just a really disappointing sale.

If you were to spend 200 USD and had 4 items within your cart for this 4th of July sale and used the code, this would only save you 30 USD.

If you spent 400 USD and had 4 items, this will save you 60 USD. Which is more substantial, bringing your order down to 340 USD, but still, this just shows that you have to spend a lot of money in order to make this sale really count.

Long story short, if you were like me and expecting items to be marked down for a short time, or having something like a substantial site wide 30% sale, well you will be disappointed. If you have been waiting to spend a decent amount of money on a lot of onaholes or a torso etc, this might be your time to buy.