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  1. Need onahole recommendation: soft but tight

    I've been loving my ZXY and love the softness, but I can't help but think about how nice it would be to have an alternative that has similar texture and feel with a tighter tunnel. I'm not sure if that

  2. Product Requests

    I’m fairly new to the sex toy/onahole space, so I’m not exactly a connoisseur in any definition of the word. But there are still specific items that I’d want that are offered elsewhere that I’d really

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  1. Rating

    It's different than any other holes I've used. I'd say the best comparison would be as a way milder, softer carnivorous mermaid. I really don't get what the rest of the reviews are talking about with the tongue. It was the most exciting part of the design and I can't say it has had any effect on my experience, positive or negative. That's not to say that this hole is bad, just a little disappointing. Pretty good if you can catch it during a sale.

    Branding is extremely attractive
    The lips look nice (doesn't really affect experience)
    Soft but still stimulating

    Tongue was a letdown
    Suction has been iffy for a blowjob hole

  2. Definitely has premium quality. The outside of the sleeve was durable and I really like the "cameltoe" look of the lips, which are much more substantial than on the Rina or Roa. Kupa Lolinco Virgo was way too tight for me though. The only sensation I've been able to feel is the bands inside, which aren't particularly pleasant. Have tried a few different lubes and it just won't click with me. Maybe it's just not my cup of tea, but I really don't get the hype. It's just a really boring hole with a nice aesthetic.

    Looks very pretty

    Tightness kills texture
    Difficult to clean

  3. Rating

    I got it for free using the coupon. It's just okay. Doesn't warm particularly well and there's no bells or whistles. It's easy to clean which is nice. Overall it's nice for once in awhile, but I'd probably not buy it if I didn't get it for free.

    Simple, easy to clean

    Simple, not incredibly effective

  4. Rating

    Previously I'd only tried the Onatsuyu Pussy Juice Lotion and the random bottles of samples I get with toys and this blows everything out of the water. My biggest problem with others is the stupid nozzle shape that makes lube get everywhere. This stuff is thinner and allows for a smaller tip that prevents that, while still being thicker than normal lubes. That viscosity also makes it much easier to clean than most onahole lotions

    It also lasts. Used nominal amounts in long sessions with ZXY and it didn't dry up at all. Haven't tried it with a harder toy like the carnivorous mermaid though, so we'll see.

    Better bottle design, branding is more inconspicuous than most other lubes, lasts long, doesn't have a harsh scent, not incredibly hard to clean, etc. It's the best.

    None, it's sincerely the best I've used so far

  5. Rating

    The most realistic feeling hole I've gotten. Not overly textured or hard. With the Meiki Bliss lube it's been incredible. With a little warmth I'd say it's comparable to some real sex I've had.

    Also like that it's substantial. There's plenty of material to grab so it never feels like a "handjob-with-a-sleeve", if that makes sense.

    Incredible sensation, very meaty material, not too difficult to clean

    the entrance feels a little delicate

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