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  1. Eiyo no Meiki Arina Hashimoto

    Eiyo no Meiki Arina Hashimoto does a lot of things right. Premium details that are what you expect from a $70 with a few flaws.

    The packaging is fantastic, NPG has really leveled up. It's fun to get these and open them-- not that that's the main appeal. Only extra is a bottle of decently thin lube.

    The interior of the toy is great. The tunnel has some pockets, so once you get a vacuum going there's clear ridges and openings to create sensation. The end cavity is not as prominent as I would have liked, but the sensations are a subtle, soft stimulation that are the key factor in making NPG's triple layers so great.

    My main issue is with the main gimmick: the leg molding. The idea is great, having more external fantasy can add so much to a toy, yet in use it was very disappointing. The flabs of material aren't something that are enticing, which feels like a waste when the toy is so heavy. It feels like if they just rounded it out into a larger mini-butt it would have made a more versatile experience. I know that this might not be an issue for some, but it's the main factor in my 4-star rating.

    Last note is that the belly button indent is a great touch.

    Overall, excellent toy with great sensations and subtle stimulation. HIgh quality and fully worth the price despite my own personal issue with it.

    - Great, soft feeling
    - Durable-feeling exterior
    - Extremely weighty

    - Weight could be molded better, the leg flabs are not attractive in most positions
    - $70 is quite pricey; you could debatably find similar in the $50-60 range.

  2. Fluffy Tan Paizuri Bakunyu

    To preface, I have previously contacted ToyDemon about this. The nipple had gotten a bubble directly in the center of it during molding. This caused a rip, and the nipple completely opened up. I was promptly offered a replacement, which I did not accept because I simply did not like the product-- which is what the rest of this review is about.


    The packaging of this product was pretty standard. Nothing crazy: a thin lube, decent box art, and a poster. The poster add on did not improve my experience and I immediately tossed it.

    The product itself was incredibly disappointing to me. While the density of the product is nice, offering decent resistance while still plenty of jiggle, the exterior and design ruin it.

    The actual surface of thing is oily: I left it on my bed and after only an hour was left with a massive oil stain on the sheets. Perhaps that's my bad, but I have never had that issue with an onahole of any size.

    That isn't only a minor nuisance, the usability suffers as a result. You want some kind of tactile feedback, at least a minor roughness to add to the realism. With this thing you almost don't feel like it's there; 2 large balls of slick rubber that destroys the fantasy. I expected more considering what I consider to be a success in the skin of Magic Eyes' Sujiman Kupa Lolinco.

    The base itself is way too flimsy. Paizuri is impossible without folding it in on itself, which you may guess completely destroys the illusion.

    Overall, I was dissatisfied with the product. I don't think the molding issues are widespread, but the product is very poorly designed. There's plenty of other oppai products in this range and you can surely find something better.

    -Packaging is good enough
    -Looks appealing

    -Poor base design
    -Poor, oily surface material that stained my sheets

  3. Dream Chan PLUS Sakuya Yume's Daily Work

    To preface, TD already helped me out with this situation in a timely, equitable, and professional manner. But I thought I might leave a review to inform buyers. I am assuming the most recent production of this toy does not have the issues I talk about.


    The first run of this product had an insanely bad molding defect. The wrong tunnel mold was used so it only stretched about 2.5 inches deep with none of the textures. It was completely unusable, objectively.

    What was done successfully was fantastic. The packaging was some of the best I've ever gotten with toy-- sincerely. The box itself was incredibly premium and there were a few freebies. The toy felt weighty and the outside was as appealing as it looks (though maybe awkward to hold). There has been some rumblings about the lackluster packaging on onaholes (due to different cultural standards), and I think that this is the one product that truly delivered for me in that front. Maybe the most excited I've been to open a toy.

    Overall, I think the upside to this toy is potentially great which garners my 3-star review, but with my experience and the rest of the middling reviews on their products I might recommend waiting for a sale.

    -ToyDemon's phenomenal support
    -Amazing packaging
    -Decent exterior design

    -Manufacturing issues caused a completely unusable product

  4. Gokujyou Cho Yawaman Kamiki Rei

    I am a huge fan of soft toys, it's my thing. A gentle toy with subtle textures is always what I'm looking for, and this fits the bill.

    Box is nice, interior feels realistic, mold is realistic with a lot of detail, lube sample is a great thin lube.

    The main issues I have are 1.durability and 2. overall design

    The durability is gonna be worse on softer holes-- it's just how it is. After the first use I'm already getting tears in the entrance and the interior layer is separating. The outside is gaining those little silicone flakes that develop overtime. A little powder will ease that, but it's not reassuring to me that it's doing that after a single use. I'd figure the point of the "3-layer" gimmick would be that the exterior can be sturdier than a softer interior (similar to what g project is doing), but this just doesn't hit the mark.

    The design issues are slight, but relevant. The mini butt on this mold just gets in the way. In the pics it's shown from better angles, but when you handle this thing it's just unwieldy. It ends at an acute angle that makes it so you really can't use this thing in anything other than a "missionary" position. It really hinders the overall usability when there's so many interesting things going on in the interior. It also just doesn't look appealing.

    On a last note, my red NPG bag was ripped open when I got it, which is... unsettling. I'll trust TD in saying that this one was new, but that doesn't bode well for QA on NPG's part.

    My recommendations instead of this are "Delltoro Omega Yukyu Slow Masturbation" or "Shin Meiki no Syoumei 004 Fujimori Riho". The prior being my all time favorite with better textures and exterior design and the latter being an NPG sleeve that might fix the durability issues.

    Update: 03/25/2024

    Added a star. I have still been disappointed with the durability and design, but the sensation is elite and I wouldn't want to put off anyone interested in this toy.

    -Good overall feel
    -Good presentation

    -Poor exterior design for usability
    -Potentially poor durability (even for soft toys)
    -Better options within the same price range

  5. Kurouto Hole

    It's a nice little sleeve, and when I say *little* I mean it.

    That doesn't immediately discount it for me so I went in with no expectations.

    Seems durable enough and it does have some stimulation. I'd compare it to the Heavens Fall Nine in it's "sandpaper" texture. You'll get what I mean if you've had that. There's vertical textures that make for a similar experience even if they're less pronounced.

    Overall though it just didn't hit the mark for me. It's impossible to get lube into it, then once it's in it's impossible to get lube to stay. You'll push it all the way through and it'll scrape everything off. In the few sessions I've used it I've had to reapply every minute or so (with multiple viscosities of lube).

    If you can get this for under $30 I think it'll make for an interesting time, but I'm disappointed for the price.

    - Quiet if you hit the lube sweetspot + small size make it a discreet toy
    - Pretty durable for a G project

    - Messy (lube all over your hands will hit you hard in clarity)
    - Not very practical to use
    - Too expensive for what it is

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