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  1. So Rune's Pharmacy Rene Tits have been discontinued.. why?

    Does anyone know how this could happen? They've been selling like hotcakes and have been sold out everywhere in Japan and all websites including this one. They've quickly become THE best breast toy for

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  1. My Erotic Maid Servant

    I purchased this based solely on the reviews (which by the most part are pretty accurate). I know I'm in the minority here but I didn't enjoy this that much. It reminds me of Lolinco Virgo, now the Lolinco Virgo is about as tight as you should get. Anymore and it feels too much. This felt slightly tighter than even Lolinco Virgo, in a bad way. I'm about average girth and at times it just felt too tight to even enjoy. It also feels 'rubbery' inside too. Not as rubbery as Lolinco, but I was not a huge fan of the texture. Some even said this was a successor to Julia+. I don't know how these are even comparable. They both feel completely different. Julia feels amazing and has just the right amount of tightness. The saying "different strokes for different folks" never rang true to me as it did here.


    My first impressions from my earlier post was first trying it for a day or 2. I'm not sure how, but the toy has became exactly what others have been saying about it. I was almost about to throw it away too. That's how much I didn't like it at the beginning. Perhaps it loosened up during cleaning or just needed to get broken into some more but it has become one of the best toys I own. It's up there along with ZXY and Bocca de Verita as my top 3 ever. I may even give it the edge over them because of its durability.

    Pleasant to look at, also really tight

    Feels almost too tight, and slightly rubbery inside

  2. Stay Hard Triple Rings - Donuts

    These were my first rings I've used and keep coming back to them. They're cheap, simple. and reliable.

    Snug enough


  3. Berman Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner

    Before this I would use diluted rubbing alcohol but I worried it took away some oil from the inner texture. This does not do that, it cleans easily and doesn't leave a strong smell.

    No bad residual scent


  4. Obscene Suggestion Nostalgic Onahole

    My first time buying a hip and I did expect something bigger but I gradually fell in love with this toy anyway. Both holes feel great for different days. You must be pretty hard to even attempt giving them a go.

    2 amazing holes for a decent price

    I'm biased but i just love bigger hips.

  5. A Taciturn Girl

    I'm about average size and I enjoyed this too. I can see why bigger guys wouldn't. Nonetheless if your average or below this is a must buy. The texture picture put me off at first. But actually feeling it is a different story.

    Feels amazing

    could be a slightly longer

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