Hi all!

So several years ago I had a Meiki ZXY and I think a YJY, and Maria Ozawa. They were fun, but I moved a few times and they eventually got worn down and raggedy so I discarded them. I've been curious for a bit recently since TD was (and maybe still is?) the vendor that lists the best toys for guys out there. So here we are.

My questions are-
1) Are those models from the past still some of the "best"? I.e. has the technology or material and build quality improved or changed all that much over the last ten years? I see these new brands like Tomax or MagicEyes, are they somehow an improvement? Give me the low down please. Back in the day stuff like FL was "lame" and these niche products were better but I haven't used one in a long time.

2) Does anyone know if it's possible to get a custom made with the quality level these toys are crafted at? I follow a model or two that may be willing to actually have a custom done, which is a pipedream but I thought I'd ask if this is actually a thing these days?

Thanks all for any insight.