Meiki® Toy Bag Regular

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  • Brand: Meiki®
  • Designed In: United States
  • Series: Toy Bag
  • Added: Beginning 2014
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Country of OriginUnited States
Dim. (L x W x H in.)12.0 x 6.00 x 0.12
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ToyDemon's R&D team's mission has always been to improve your adult lifestyle through simple yet innovative solutions. The Meiki® Plush is the result our first major R&D project. With the recent international shortage of the Storage bags, ToyDemon decided that it was time to turn our attention to the often overlooked toy storage bag. The result is the Meiki® Toy Bags.

Simply put, the Meiki® Toy Bags performs better than any previous storage bag design while being very economical way to store your sleeves. Read on for a more detailed look at our process for upgrading this simple storage solution.

The first area we look at was sizing of the bags. The previous three sizes often had issues with popular sleeves where smaller bags would fit but the bag would be so tight that it would deform the sleeve over time. After studying all the different sleeve sizes on the market, we have found a better sizing cutoff with only two different bag sizes needed.

The regular size Meiki® Toy Bag will fit sleeves about three inches in width or smaller (small compact sleeves). The length of the bags has been increased to about twelve inches for the Meiki® Toy Bag regular allowing you to use the regular bag for storing the long Japanese lotion bottle.

The method of closing the bag has also been changed from the older zipper design to the new pull strings design of the Meiki® Toy Bag. The pull string design is much faster to open or close and keeps the bag in cylindrical form during storage. This simple change increases the life of the bag since the zipper is usually the first thing to needlessly fail in the bag.

We increased the thickness of the bag slightly but kept the polyester material similar which allow the bag to have some air and moisture to pass through. The surface of the material is textured with a micro pattern to decrease winkles from forming on the bag and transferring to the surface of the item.

Simply put, the Meiki® Toy Bags performs better than any previous storage bag design while being very economical way to store your sleeves.

*Note: We recommend one toy per bag as having more than one together may damage the sleeves.

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