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  1. Onatsuyu for sex?

    I am in a relationship with a woman and we have been using KY waterbased lube during sex, it gets the job done. I recently bought onatsuyu with a few onaholes after going a few years without them and am

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    It felt a little odd, but was still soft enough to have fun with. Not exactly my go to as it didn't feel like a real woman, but still fun to use on occasion. Box art is great though.

  2. Rating

    I got this free with the meiki plush hip. It is more MUCH more solid than the other toys I have purchased here, so much so that it was hard to enter it. I have purchased a few of the toys on the tighter side (i am a bit below average in size). I had a similar problem with them, but with the meiki real it was hard to penetrate to begin with. Once having forced yourself inside you will probably find yourself uncomfortably pushed out. The inside has a nice texture that I am sure would have been great had the the material been softer. For its price I would not recommend it. There are better products around the same price range, and by going a little higher you can begin to dabble in the ZXY, julia, and the YJY.

  3. Rating

    I bought this along with D-HOLE Shiina Hikaru, ZEX Tornado, and Taimanin Asagi 3 Light Hall--all on the tighter side.

    This was my second favourite of four, the sensation was just a bit too pronounced. It would have been better if I had used a thicker lube I think.

    If your length is on the smaller side, this is a decent choice, but it still cant compare to things like the XZY. Even I found myself hitting he back of the toy.

  4. This is a good toy for those on the smaller side of girth--its a fairly tight fit and I consider myself slightly below average on the penis scale. That being said, it has held up well with my usage, though that isn't too regular.

    My problem with this toy is that the entrance is tight enough that if you don't hit it just right on entry, you can veer off to the side ditch between the labia and the vaginal opening. It makes backing out all the way and thrusting hands-free thrusts a risky endeavor. That is one of the reasons I stick with my meiki julia or ZXY.

    If there is a decent sale and you like your sleeves on the tighter side, I would recommend it. It is a high quality sleeve that isn't in the higher price bracket like the meiki's, and I find myself wishing my issue with the entrance didn't exist, because I enjoy a slightly tighter toy.

  5. Having already owned the ZXY this was slightly less of an experience, but still did an amazing job for its price. The only issue I had was the tearing. After my second use it could see tears in the opening.

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