I never really know when something is going to be discontinued. There are clear signs like few/no/bad reviews or that a product is older.

However, there are simply so many products that I prioritize buying by interest level. Thus some ones I'm luke warm on sit in my wish list then end up discontinued before I ever get around to them (and my account isn't even that old yet).

That really isn't a major concern, there are endless good ones to browse and get. However a type of "last call" event would be good, like "Hey, we won't ever carry this item in your wish list again. Order now or never."

It'd give me one last chance to debate if I want something or not and companies love FOMO driven sales (besides if I'm getting one, why not 2 or 3?). I think it'd be a win win. Maybe there'd be some side effects I haven't thought of, but I think the final choice is better than a wish list slowly filling up with zombies.