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  1. Hip Buying Advice/Guide

    I see a lot topics start up regarding which is the best hip to buy. As an avid ashman and someone who spent a lot of time researching what hips to buy for myself I thought I'd break down the factors and

  2. In your opinion, what the best lube/lotion?

    Just as the title says- what's your pick or picks for best lube?

    My favorite was the Maria Ozawa lotion- amazingly realistic, not too thin not too thick, a little floral smelling but lasted

  3. For the younger guys: Hiding/Storing/Cleaning onaholes?

    So I discovered onaholes/hips/torsos etc in my mid 30's. I've had a lot of fun with them, exploring new ones, and going to bigger toys. But I'm thankful to have found these as an adult where I live alone

  4. Onaholes: Stroker or hands free?

    Idle curiosity: When using your onaholes do you prefer to use them as strokers (ie. have them essentially replace your hand where doing a standard fap laying or sitting down)

    or do you

  5. Onahole Stigma

    Wondering how everyone here feels about enjoying/owning onaholes and if you feel there's a stigma attached. If so, do you care?, How did you overcome it?

    It feels like it's almost accpeted/standard

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  1. INSOMNIA 360ml

    I've enjoyed trying Insomnia lube in the packet form that came with my tom sleeves. Having a big bottle of it is VERY nice. If you haven't tried it, be aware you'l get said sample with any Tomax sleeve. But if not it's worth the buy regardless. It's odorless. Nice and viscous and stringy. It really feels like real vaginal juices. I've used this with real women too and they love it and are often super impressed how "real" it is. It's on par with my favorite previous fav lube- the Maria Ozawa lotion. It seems to hold up pretty well with toys/real vaginas for a good stretch, maybe not quite as long as Meiki bliss but close enough. BUT if you're using it for regular old fashion five finger masturbating it dries out quick and you'll want to choose something else.

    Very good texture, feels very realistic
    no smells
    Last reasonably long

    Dries out fast with normal hand masturbation

  2. My Erotic Maid Servant

    I kept reading reave reviews. I've had this on my wish list for weeks. Missed out on buying it a few times. Finally I see it's back in stock right when I need more lube anyway so plunge taken. The good reviews did not steer me wrong. This is a damn fine onahole.

    Contents: Box, Onahole itself and a sample packet of lube. Pretty basic but what a sleeve!

    So the exterior design is of the female torso. But one of the better ones I've seen. Something about the slightly oversized nature of the on a, and the proportions of this mini body turn me on mores than the likes of the Julia+ or the Much Muchi Oppa. I love looking at it and feeling it up with my fingertips.

    As for the interior, it's a medium to strong stimulation. The interior showed organic folds and a lot of curves. I was expecting something like the Venus Real or the Meiki Sarah. What it reminds me mostly of is one of my favorites: The ExTrip Haruna Hana. Very similar feeling in the folds, stimulation level and firmness. Comes on strong but not stupid overpowering strong like the Monster Wet Real. The Kupa Lolinco Virgin is also similar but that one is tighter, heftier and a little TOO much for me. This one comes on with the right level of sexual stimulation to keep me humming but not shut me down. Not a great one for edging, you kinda want to just want to let it sweep you away. But man what a finish it brings. It feels too good.

    The only downside aside maybe for its overall size for those who like Ones to be a little smaller for easy handling.weight.... would be that it's firmness and level of stimulation needs a good amount of lube. I liked it so much I went a bit wild overusing this toy for three days straight and I clearly wasn't watching the lube too well or just plain overdid it. Left me on the slightly raw and tender side for a few days and I had to force myself to take a break and now only use this in moderation but boy what. pride it gives. So take that under advisement. Otherwise Highly recommended.

    Thx to the other reviewers to pointing me to another winner!

    Strong stimulation
    Erotic exterior female torso design, well proportioned

    Might be too strong for some.
    Overuse can leave you tender, so lube important
    On the larger side for some for stroker use. Almost too big for the meiki torso.

  3. Meiki Jyunjyou Ichika Matsumoto

    Bought this for the reviews which I feel overall were spot on. So nothing new for me to say but generally agree with the others and say I do like this sleeve.

    Contents: Two part box. Resealable bag. Onahole itself. Large sample bottle of lube that will last a while. A jumbo Baseball card seized picture of Ichika showing her itty bitty tits on one side and her ass on the other. Also a mini poster if Ichika double sided, showing her in 2 different images looking sexy in a schoolgirl outfit (non nude).

    The size of the Onahole is kinda big compared Toit's rather short tunnel. I bottom out in it but not in. bad way. The contrasting red opening with the pale white color of the rest of the sleeve is strangely appealing. Almost like an innocent virgin which's turned on, ready to go. The entrance is very tight and mildly difficult to penetrate, hence be sure your fully hard and lubed up. Once you get going though it's interesting..... It's a very soft mild stimulating onahole. The ridges and nubs are slight so you can take your time warming up to it. BUT. Like theendtrance its Avery tight too, so though gentle it really hugs you snug. So this softness with the snugness creates a wonderfully intimate combo of a pussy you need to 'overpower' and 'thrust into' but also one that yields and welcomes you so perfectly once you're in. It's great for edging. A little unwieldily to use as a stroker and lucky not too big to use in the Meiki Torso to use hands free.

    I would compare this to the Slow Recommendation of H in sensation/softness though shorter tunnel and snug/tighter overall. Or roughly on softness par with a single layer Meiki.

    Tightness/snugness really grips nice.
    Softness of the textures may seem low but build nicely in conjunction with tightness.
    Great visual extras if you're a fan of the actress.

    Stimulation may be too low for some. Beware if you prefer firmer/stronger sleeves.
    Overall Sleeve is large, if you don't like unwieldy ones, stick to smaller ones.

  4. Japanese Real Hole Raw Saika Kawakita

    I bought this one on a lark. The Real Hole series has mildly intrigued me from the sexy Japanese porn star box covers to thier usual simple interior designs. This one though looks especially appealing due to the dual layer design. It looked very organic. Along the lines of the Venus Real. And I was not disappointed.

    It's s smaller than the average sleeve I have. I tend to bottom out with it but that's fine, I don't feel like I'm about to break it either. Simple exterior. Nice small lips/labia. But no fancy female torso, just a mild hourglass shape which makes is easy to hold in the center even if you have a little excessive lube on your hand.

    The sensations are very pleasing. Gentle ribs and ripples caressing me oh so nice. Feels like a gentle stimulation that builds really nicely the longer I use it. I can go into overdrive and go fast and hard to get my finish faster but I like to relax into it and just enjoy the ride. As you get into it you'll find it Dows bring a gentle suction. Nothing overpowering like the Lilith Uterus or the Witch's Temptation.... but a slow steady stimulation with suction. Like a gentle blow job from a small mouthed girl. lol. I'd compare it's size to something like Muchi Muchi Oppa. But sensations more like the Slow Recommendation of H or a gentler version of the Mao-Man Real Hole. If you like those, you'll like this.

    Contents: Just the box, Onahole and a sample packet of lube. Nothing else. Pretty basic.

    Based on this I can't wait to try and a few other Real Holes.

    Easy to grip exterior design
    Price - great sensation and durability for cost.
    Sensation/Suction very pleasurable if you like realistic/slower/edging sessions.

    On the smaller side if you like more 'meat' to handle or if you're very well endowed.
    Not one I'd pick if you need a more aggressive/stronger stimulation.

  5. Meiki no Hinkaku Black Label

    Was intrigued with the look of this so grabbed it when it came in stock. I mostly agree with the previous reviewer.

    So thins thing comes in an actual wooden box, not a fake looking plastic/wood papered cardboard box but an actual bod box. Felt like I was buying goods from an actual Japanese Market circa 1885. LOL. So kudos for having it feel authentic and old school. Comes with packet of lube and an insert laying out the design which seems to be pushing a sort of anatomical realism factor hard. Similar in that respect to the Creation Yuria though IMHO this one beats Yuria big time.

    So the toy itself is very soft and very floppy and on the bigger side. It's about on par with the Lolinco Virgo size size. So it's light but it's floppiness means yes as a stroker it's a two hand job. Mildly annoying there. It's possible to put in the meiki Plush but takes extra finagling. I do think this performs better hands free though.

    Outer design is vaginal but kinda simplistic. I don't think you'll be fooled anyway. The interior dual layer is still softer and the tunnel isn't nearly as long as the actual toy.

    Stimulation is... ok. dead medium, maybe a smidge under medium. If you commit to a long gentle session, you're fine. But I have to say while it does get the job done I didn't find it very ... exciting, it doesn't ramp up nice or bring the beast out of me. Basically it's a tunnel with small nubs, a big G spot and a tighter ending.

    The design is very similar to the Tomax Venus Clone. I have that sleeve In soft and I disagree with the reviewer before me in that, I think the Clone is superior to this in sensation and even in use as it's an easy one hand stroker and less floppy. So if you are deciding between the two, wait and get the Clone in soft.

    So while it seems to want to tout realism.... it only feels as realistic as a softer clone. For me the top three for vaginal realism are the Venus Real Soft, Meiki 01 Maria Ozawa and the Meiki Seductive Wife Maria Nigai. Honorable mention for the legendary ZXY too.

    So eh? It's not horrible, it's not great. Middle of the road. A+ for cool presentation in the box. Decent as a hands free experience but not overly impressed. So far it's proving durable with no tears- NPG seems to be doing better there lately. And the floppiness aside in handling, it's pretty easy to clean.

    Very soft. Good for edging/gentle sessions. Size give you nice fat enveloping feeling.
    So far durable, no tears

    Not for guys who want high stimulation/tightness
    Bigger/floppier toy means a little harder to use as a stroker and trickier to insert into the plush.

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