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  1. **OVER** January 2024 Giveaway #39 - 2024 New Year Resolution?

    2023 has come to an end and we hope everyone has had a good year and a better 2024 coming up.

    In 2023, we upgraded our site once again and added a lot of features and functions as well as

  2. New Purchased Items List Feature Added (Updated with "Favorites" on 11/30/2023)

    When we first relaunched the site, some users indicated that they wish there's a better way for them to view their purchased items, rather than going through every order or trying to look for the green

  3. **OVER** December 2023 Giveaway #38 - Best Christmas Present Ever Received?

    We are at the end of 2023 already! Can't believe time flies by so fast. Into 2024, we are hoping to improve our stock and product variety and also try to provide more features and improvements to our community

    Did you buy anything from Black Friday period (doesn't have to be onahole related)?

  4. **OVER** November 2023 Giveaway #37 - TD Web Quiz Results and Sentiment on Big Sales?

    Sorry guys, this topic will be a long one......

    First I will go through the answers to the TD Website Quiz from the October Giveaway. We discussed whether to just leave the results as a

    Do events like Prime Day and all big retailers trying to out-do one another ruined Black Friday?

  5. **OVER** October 2023 Giveaway #36 - TD Website Quiz!

    So last month we asked for suggestions to the community and while we received a lot of good responses (in which we are considering but will take time to implement), we also received responses such as add

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