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  1. Bug Reports

    If you have any bugs, please comment below and let us know, we will do our best to fix it. Thanks!
    EDIT: Please state what browser and device (desktop / tablet / phone) that you're using so we can

  2. **OVER** September 2023 Giveaway #35 - New TD Community Suggestions

    So after almost half a year the new TD site has more or less settled as we kept on optimizing and fixing bugs that was reported to us (thanks to those that reported bugs to us!)

    So as we

    What device do you use when visiting ToyDemon?

  3. **OVER ** August 2023 Giveaway #34 - Will you grow out of / tired of onaholes?

    It looks like UPS will function as usual and we won't have to worry about any unusual shipping issues. We have also recently made updates on how the dark mode works and switching between modes are faster

  4. **OVER ** July 2023 Giveaway #33 - If you can only have 1 onahole (not hip or torso), which and why?

    Wanna thank everyone for their compliments and criticism about us in the previous giveaway. Based on the feedback, as some of you might have noticed, the search has been changed back to what it was like

  5. **OVER** June 2023 Giveaway #32 - Name 1 thing each that you LOVE and HATE about ToyDemon

    So we have been around for 15 years now and there are times that we are too DEEPLY involved to see what we are doing right or wrong if we were ToyDemon customers ourselves.

    We are still

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