I've read the TD cleaning guide, but it was more about preventing mold rather than what to do if it gets moldy. First off all, I know that it's on me that my toys got moldy. In my defense, it's hard to wash the toy after every session because I live with my parents. It only got more difficult to find an opportunity to bring the toys to the bathroom for more thorough washings after my aunt and her fiance started living with us during the pandemic. Anyways, what's done is done, and I don't plan on neglecting my toys again. Does anyone have any experiences of successfully getting rid of mold? The onahole in question is the ZXY, so it's the infamous TPE I'm working with. At my disposal I have: Toy Cleaner Fluid, Vinegar, and 70% rubbing alcohol. The guide was saying to use rubbing alcohol, but people were saying that TPE is damaged by solvents (ie alcohol), so not sure about that. Thanks in advance.