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  1. General Brand recommendations for quality/durability?

    Hello, Still sort of new here to the community. And new to buying onahole's to some degree.
    Started out with a flesh-light some time back after and it lasted quite awhile, eventually got two more

  2. Notify me/ Alert Subscription

    So i'm still pretty new to the site and not sure exactly how everything functions.
    I might be blind in not being able to find this, or it might be a non-user access sort of thing.
    But when

  3. Clarity of Softness scale

    So as a buyer who can't read Japanese it's really difficult tell what the softness scale is on quite a few products. Aside from the ones that obviously state it.
    It'd be cool if the site had some

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  1. Masochistic Vampire Arune Trance

    So since I liked the feel of the HotPowers- Dream Princess Kuchipako i felt i would test another one of their products at a higher "hardness" level to see if that would be more durable.
    I'm not really sure.. i think there is something about their tpe mixture in general that breaks down easier than others. As i'm seeing in other reviews of their products *Micro-Tears* are common, and I definitely have seen that build up over time with both quite quickly.
    Perhaps I did not take good enough care of it, and was too rough... I'm unsure.
    But frankly the main entry got a small tear after the second use which just grew over time. This imo is due to the tiny size and shape of the hole. I understand the material is designed to stretch, but it's the width of a pencil..
    I think the 5-6mm diameter that seem to be the standard it a serious design design flaw within the industry overall but thats a different subject .

    Aside from that it did last a good 5 months of regular use being the primary toy.

    The texture feeling I personally found to be quite enjoyable, though just gripping my hand around it it was very bland and the suction was not as strong.
    Personally I tend to encase my toys in something, such a former flesh-light case, or really anything of similar size and shape that creates airflow compression around the outside of the sleeve. This changes the feel/suction of any onahole completely in my experience. With the incasement the uneven texture of the various nubs made for a great experience.

    Good Texture & suction
    Reasonable price
    Appealing entry

    Not great durability

  2. Land of Lewd Dream Princess Kuchipako

    This is my first "onahole" technically.
    But I've had fleshlight's in the past & own a couple tpe torsos.
    But first toy of japanese brand.

    Was really interested in & excited by the look of the design as it's very unique. I made an account here to get this specifically.
    I'm quite satisfied with the sensation & that unique design. As entering from different angles creates very different pressure.

    While the softness is pleasurable, I do wish it were of a higher tpe density and thus "harder".
    The texture is not super noticeable because of this and wears down fast.
    In turn after several uses I busted through the back of it.
    The hole it created hasn't ruined the experience, but the durability is definitely disappointing.

    Unique design.
    Great suction
    Variety of sensation.

    Low durability
    Too soft

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