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  1. General Brand recommendations for quality/durability?

    Hello, Still sort of new here to the community. And new to buying onahole's to some degree.
    Started out with a flesh-light some time back after and it lasted quite awhile, eventually got two more

  2. Notify me/ Alert Subscription

    So i'm still pretty new to the site and not sure exactly how everything functions.
    I might be blind in not being able to find this, or it might be a non-user access sort of thing.
    But when

  3. Clarity of Softness scale

    So as a buyer who can't read Japanese it's really difficult tell what the softness scale is on quite a few products. Aside from the ones that obviously state it.
    It'd be cool if the site had some

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  1. This is my first "onahole" technically.
    But I've had fleshlight's in the past & own a couple tpe torsos.
    But first toy of japanese brand.

    Was really interested in & excited by the look of the design as it's very unique. I made an account here to get this specifically.
    I'm quite satisfied with the sensation & that unique design. As entering from different angles creates very different pressure.

    While the softness is pleasurable, I do wish it were of a higher tpe density and thus "harder".
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    Unique design.
    Great suction
    Variety of sensation.

    Low durability
    Too soft

  2. So since I liked the feel of the HotPowers- Dream Princess Kuchipako i felt i would test another one of their products at a higher "hardness" level to see if that would be more durable.
    I'm not really sure.. i think there is something about their tpe mixture in general that breaks down easier than others. As i'm seeing in other reviews of their products *Micro-Tears* are common, and I definitely have seen that build up over time with both quite quickly.
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    Good Texture & suction
    Reasonable price
    Appealing entry

    Not great durability