Hello there,
I just got my Meiki Plush Evo and it was a hell of a time because I had some issues with DHL first and it cost so much to import it into my country... But I was so happy when I open it first. It was worth the stress at the end, the Doll feels really high quality overall.

Then I noticed that there is a hole ripped into the silk in deep in the entrance(somewhere in the middle of the doll) just after putting my fleshlight a second time in it, I was so frustrated because of this that I could get gray hair... There was so much stress involved and then something like this happened in such a short time. :(
I tried to be careful when putting the fleshlight inside, pushed it a little bit in and then pulled it inside from the opening on the back, but looks like it was still not gentle enough.
I think there is no way to repair this properly but I guess I can't do more than ask for help, perhaps there are some tricks that I don't know. Is it possible to stitch it in a way, the issue it that I can't look inside but only feel where the hole is because it is so dense inside, this makes is also almost impossible to use a needle inside...

How bad is it to have a hole in the silk? I saw that there is coming a bit fleece lining out, but will this destroy the doll in short time?