So here we have a new feature update again within the community.

People have mentioned that they would like to see on the product page if community had discuss this particular item, so we had our developer add in a "Auto Related" function with in a community topic.

What it does is that it will crawl through the Community Topic Title, and search through the onaholes and other products for best match and display it accordingly at the bottom.

Take this topic for example:

You can see that the product name mentioned in the title returned 2 best results and displayed it there.

Now from the product page of Unbearable Lip Doll:

You can see that that particular community topic is now listed on the product's "Community Topics" tab.

So for best result, if you were to ask the community about a certain onahole, please use its product name as specific as possible in the title so that the search will work correctly. If you simply ask which "hip" is better, the product that show up might not be relevant.

Again, this is our slow improvement making the community as integrated into the site as possible.

Let us know what you think below!