I figured we could use a topic about experimenting with strange/unorthodox methods to make the experience better. I didn't come up with the two I will mention myself, but here goes.

1. Mason Jars/Plastic Wrap
The purpose of Mason jars in this case is to create a vacuum so that the onahole compacts more, giving off more pressure and stimulation. It's similar of a thing as to what the Fleshlight company does. Too much compression may make it harder to move. You find an appropriately sized jar, place the onahole inside, take your finger and slide it between the onahole and the jar, then you stick it in. If done right, you should feel way more pressure than normally, possibly rejuvenating life into your old product or adding another experience.

Plastic wrap works very similarly. You take the clingly plastic, and simply wrap it around the onahole as much as you like. May not work as well with firmer holes than softer holes unlike the former mentioned.

2. Turkey Basters (and other syringes)
Now I'm sure everyone knows what a turkey baster is. But did you know that it can be a pretty handy device for onaholes too? From applying (thin) lubes to sucking out the aftermath from particularly unhandy/fragile holes, a turkey baster might just be a good choice if you're experiencing difficulty cleaning or applying. Especially handy for torsos/hips/full-sized dolls so you won't be holding the thing up awkwardly at a sink/shower or some "tactical espionage" as its easier to carry a turkey baster to the bathroom than it is a large plastic device when people are awake to remove the "evidence". Just don't mix it up with the baster you keep in the kitchen! Of course, if a turkey baster is too big, you can always use a smaller (non-needle) syringe.

Let us all share our crazy methods and ideas!