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  1. Rings?

    Iv recently used a cock ring that encircles the base and balls. But it was a single ring. I was hoping someone whose tried both a single ring, and other variations(in particular, a 3set that goes around

  2. Sales

    I'm currently interested in an expensive item, so naturally I'm waiting for Black Friday discounts. But should I take the risk? It's out of stock rn, if it's a popular item how fast will it sell out when

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  1. Rating

    I only recently discovered toy demon, so I bought this years ago somewhere else. Back then it was around $100. And worth -every- penny. It's been my best so far, albeit iv only used 2 or 3 different fleshlights before this. In comparison, this is next level, decent weight, realism blows fleshlights out of business. The lube they sell with the same girl on it, pairs perfectly. Not the greatest for ms.palmer, but can't be beat when used in tandem with the toy.Show more

    Soft, nice weight
    Easy to clean/store

    Might not fit above average packages

  2. Drying used to take potentially days long. This thing had my toy cleaned within like, 1-2 minutes, if that. I'm kicking myself for not getting one sooner.

    Brittle warnings, while they should be acknowledged, shouldn't scare you off. Toys don't threaten them much. It's sturdiness is akin to chalk, so just don't drop it. EZ

    Review image

    Easiest/fastest dry time of my life

    Not buying this sooner.

  3. Rating

    I'll start with the box, the art on it is better than what you can see via photo, and the toy is properly protected within.

    Compared to a standard pillow I'd say it's 40x30, and has a surprising amount of weight to it.

    The "skin" is soft, but doesn't quite capture real skin feel. I'm not sure how to describe it. Not having a u tunnel is definitely a good thing, because it will be messy enough as it.
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    Review image
    Review image

    Tunnel, view, feel, most realistic

    Upgraded cleaning difficulty (nothing major, really)
    No mid Booba version