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  1. What is the status of being able to revise past reviews (based on further experience and time spent with the product)?

    Hi TD!

    Several months ago you mentioned that "sometime in Spring" we would have the ability to update past product reviews we posted. Any update on this site feature?

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  1. Sadistic Female Boss

    Based on first use, I give this onahole 5 stars. (Perspective = I have a massive onahole collection of 50+ holes and I have no time for an esoteric BS review (i.e., related to ease to clean, durability, lube use, etc. BS that less experienced users like to fluff up their reviews with).

    This onahole is sturdily built (giving the ease to clean and durability factory), but to me what is most important is its stimulation value ... and this hole my friends is highly stimulating in very unique ways. I kind of kick myself for not ordering it sooner (it has been on my wish list for a long time), but the early Black Friday special on it made me pull the trigger ... and I am not disappointed. This hole is high stimulation in all the right ways in my book. And one of the plusses it has going for it is that the feeling changes when you rotate it around a quarter turn or half turn...which really helps with maintaining intense stimulation through a longer session.

    Durable construction
    Highly stimulating design
    Stimulation changes with rotation of the hole

    None noted so far

  2. Bitter Sweet Chinpony

    While Gekihen Slow Revolution rocketed to #1 prior to my receipt of this hole, this hole edged it out (the two of them have instantly achieved "most favored hole" status).
    The perfect mixture of soft yet highly stimulating.

    Durable, easy to one hand, erotic mold, and toe curling "dare you to not cum now" entertainment galore.

    Get off your duff and buy it now. You will not be let down.

    Highly stimulating
    Yet soft
    Easy to use and clean
    Erotic mold
    Dares you not to cum NOW

    If you want a very long session, she just might deny you

  3. Onatsuyu Pussy Juicy Lotion 370ml

    If you want painful friction burns and potentially penile edema and/or dermatitis on your penis that will take you out of your masturbation routine for potentially weeks on end, then by all means try this poisonous lube.

    Early on in my TD experience late last year, I embarked on a quest to find the perfect lube for these onaholes (because the AstroGlide and included packages of lube weren't cutting it). I did a massive order with TD (a huge box) of nothing but multiple brands and types of lube. I'm talking $250 of nothing but lubes.

    During that period of my TD experience, I began to experience friction burns, dermatitis on my penis, and even a penile edema (that took me out of my masturbation routine for nearly 3 weeks ... talk about profoundly depressing).

    At first, I chocked it up to being a consequence of fucking chunks of rubber. But I eventually narrowed the problem down to this particular lube. Once I eliminated this lube from use, everything cleared up and I have had no such experience since.

    The remainder of this lube (most of the bottle) went straight into the garbage.

    [Note: The absolute best lube for onaholes sold on TD IMO is Onnanoko Scented Lotion C10. See my 5 star review of that product.]


    Dries out extremely quick with any exposure to air (think "out" strokes)
    Promotes friction burns and potentially penile edema
    Has an ingredient that some are allergic to that will cause crusty painful dermatitis (including open sores) on your penis

  4. Onnanoko Scented Lotion C10 360ml

    Early on in my TD experience late last year, I embarked on a quest to find the perfect lube for these onaholes. I did a massive order with TD (a huge box) of nothing but multiple brands and types of lube. I'm talking $250 of nothing but lubes.

    The winner of that trial testing contest, hands down, was this lube. The consistency is just right such that typically one application of the lube on your member prior to entering the hole is all you need for the entire session (provided you also have a small spray bottle of water available for recharging the slipperiness and managing the viscosity to the end of your session). [The exception to this is oral simulation onaholes ... where I prefer to use the lube products specifically designed for oral onaholes.]

    The C11 version of this product has the exact same lubrication properties (and so is also 5 star in my book) with the only difference being the scent. The scent on these lubes is so light (C10 = fruity; C11 = floral) that the scent is inconsequential to the experience (since my nose is not next to my gonads).

    I highly recommend this lube for all holes other than oral simulation holes.

    Perfect viscosity for most onaholes
    A little goes a long way (especially with water mist management)
    Container is easy to manage, easy to prevent spills, and doesn't break


  5. Gokujo Sujiman Kupa Roa

    Highly stimulating, erotic and durable with a good weight to her.

    She is very similar in appearance and weight to the Lolinco Virgo series, but without the sometimes painful gimmick ring at the entrance (and thus cleaning hassles) and a much more stimulating tunnel design.

    I've plowed her numerous times and she is in my current top 5 go to holes.

    Highly stimulating tunnel design
    Erotic mons pubis sculpt
    Good weight to it
    Easy to clean


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