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  1. What is the status of being able to revise past reviews (based on further experience and time spent with the product)?

    Hi TD!

    Several months ago you mentioned that "sometime in Spring" we would have the ability to update past product reviews we posted. Any update on this site feature?

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  1. Chevalier Historie Jeanne Hole

    To get the most of this doll you must plant her firmly on a hard surface at waist height, grab her hips, and thrust like a maniac ...

    Otherwise, hang it up ... it is a lame floppy thing (forget about any sort of "cowgirl").

    I used it a couple times ... then sent it to the landfill.

    Waste of money (like a $50 whore that barely got you off).

    Looks erotic and nice
    Floppy legs bouncing against you in missionary can be a little bit tittilating
    Pussy semi-stimulating

    Floppy like a boneless trout flopping around all over the dock

  2. Peace Lotion 360ml

    This primary (sole) ingredient is poison to your dick ...

    See my explanation in the TD community dialogue here - https://www.toydemon.com/community/onaholes/storage-and-best-lube-choice

    I tried it once to verify, and it immediately inflamed my penis, dried it out, and created sores.

    In the trash immediately


    Toxic poison to your sensitive skin

  3. Naive Sister

    Is she always a 5 star? NO

    Is she just what you need when you are fapping to short and tight scenario in your head or otherwise? YES

    With that said, way overpriced for amount of TPE. Should really be about $20 - $25 in price for manufacturer's cost vs profit needed.

    But, those of us who have used this toy on needed occasions will vouch that this toy is really ultimate in the "tight and short" scenario if that is what is in your mind at your time of fapping.

    The material is strong and durable ... likely never to wear out in your lifetime ...

    The toy would make a good doorstop or something to thwonk the head of your roommate from afar ... due to its sturdiness and mass ...

    Easy to clean, durable beyond compare, highly stimulating under right circumstances ...

    Definitely in my top 10 - 20 or so (of hundreds).

    Very easy to clean

    Over priced

  4. Berman Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner

    I use this for spray down of torso externals when washing ... works great for that, so I give it 5 stars for that purpose.

    Pretty much useless for onaholes ... I give it 1 star for that (thus my overall 3 star rating).

    For onaholes, you need a FOAMING bacterial cleanser to readily reach the hard to get spots within the onahole.

    There are several brands of foaming toy cleanser on the market, available from several retailers. Look into foaming toy cleanser for your onaholes.

    Great for wide anti-bacterial spread when cleansing externals on large toys (i.e., torsos)

    Pretty much useless for internals of onaholes

  5. OVA Busty J sex with Oji-san Ji Po - Sana Miyamoto

    I purchased this toy because of its external similarities to Anal Kaikin Gal Bitch (one of my faves).

    This toy is not as tight (but still tight enough), and is made of softer materials (if you are a fan of soft). This toy also appears to be of dual layer design (contrary to the promo photos).

    It is a bit stimulating in different fashion than Anal Kaikin Gal Bitch in that the looser softness of the material coupled with a slightly more aggressive design of the internals tends to be a bit more stimulating (at the expense of less simulation ... i.e., it feels like any tighter soft hole ... vaginal or otherwise ... with some aggressive texture ... doesn't feel like a super tight anal experience).

    Initially I found some of the internal texture "scratchy" and boner kill, but I think I have since been able to wear down the "scratchy" part through repeated use.

    Less durable material than Anal Kaikin Gal Bitch because it is soft. More prone to tears and wear.

    Still, I have nutted in it several times. So it can do its job at times.

    Less affordable than Anal Kaikin Gal Bitch, and IMO a bit overpriced for what it is as it is still on the small side with less durable material and less tightness.

    Soft (if you are a soft fan)
    Easy to clean

    Not really an anal simulation
    Not durable material

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