Hi Everyone,

I want to get a standalone breast toy, and though I have a pair of the Quty Tits on special order, I'm also interested in getting a larger toy to play around with.

Right now I'm stuck between the following four, with a roughly $50 price jump between each toy:
Chonyu Shizuku Mega Breasts - $109.95 in stock
Rune's Pharmacy Rene Tis - $145.95 in stock
Real Body Extreme Breasts Infinity $195.95 sold out - may be available by 12/28/20
Hanjuku Succubus Succuel Oppai DX $260.54 sold out - may be available by 12/09/20

All of them have good reviews, but since I haven't owned a stand-alone breast toy before, I'm not sure what to expect from a toy in each of these price ranges. At what point do you really start to see diminishing returns on the toy? I'm kind of leaning towards waiting for the Real Body toy to get back in stock and just get that, but both Chonyu and Rune's are available and in stock right now...
Can anyone offer some suggestions? Also, I do have a Puni Ana Miracle DX, how do the breasts on that compare in softness against these 4 breast toys?

Thanks for your help!