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  1. Puni Ana Miracle Bakunyuu DX!

    It seems like the Puni Ana Miracle Bakunyuu DX just went up for pre-order on DMM. This is a new version of the Miracle DX, with different proportions and a bust size of 100cm/39 inches. I wonder if TD

  2. Yet another Breast Toy Question topic - Please help me pick a breast toy

    Hi Everyone,

    I want to get a standalone breast toy, and though I have a pair of the Quty Tits on special order, I'm also interested in getting a larger toy to play around with.

  3. Faces for Meiki Plush and Meiki Plush Evo

    Hi Everyone,

    Has anyone ever tried to put the Angelic Doll face mask or the Air doll face mask series on the Meiki plush dolls? I'm interested in finding out if they'll actually fit or not,

  4. Now that there's a Puni Ana Kahanshin, do you think ExE will try it's hand at a full sex doll?

    After releasing the Puni Ana Miracle Dx and now the Kahanshin, does anyone else get the feeling that ExE moving towards releasing a full sex doll? I have a feeling that one of the next products from the

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  1. Shin Meiki no Syoumei 004 Fujimori Riho

    The onahole looks nice, and the slightly bumpy skin is a nice touch. It comes with a small poster and a tube of lube. However, I'm not sure if it's the lube I'm using, but there's just a lack of stimulation with both holes. The onahole itself is really soft so maybe that's the issue? Either way, I'll experiment with a couple of different lubes to see if it makes a difference, but for now, this has been pretty disappointing.

    Update: 06/16/2023

    Updating to 4 stars after trying the included lube. I think the trick is to use a thinner lube for this.

    - Looks nice
    - Has the typical NPG accessories
    - You get two holes in one

    - Lack of stimulation
    - Anal hole is really short

  2. Amateur Real Ren-Chan

    I bought both Real Ren and Real Mako and both arrived just today. I decided to open Ren first. As is usually the case with NPG masturbators, this also came with a small bottle of lube as well. The toy itself looks great, and I'm happy to report that the color doesn't seem to be falling off (yet) after washing it.

    As for the feeling itself - you'll definitely want to squeeze the air out before inserting, as without the vacuum, this toy is rather lackluster. However, once you squeeze the air out, this toy feels good, really good. Like I think it's better than a lot of the $50-70 dollar range NPG products that I've bought in terms of feeling. It's also a lot smaller than some of those toys, so it's actually easier to squeeze the air out to get the vacuum effect. Overall I'd say this is a great product for the price, and I'd recommend this if you've never had a toy from NPG before.

    Cheaper than other NPG Products
    Looks great
    Feels great

  3. Real Body Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy

    I honestly had no idea what I was getting into with this, as this is my first standalone breast toy. As such, I completely underestimated how huge these things were. They're so large that I'm having trouble finding a place to put them...

    Now regarding how they feel. While they're definitely soft, there's still some firmness to them that makes them nice and bouncy too. If I were to rank the softness on a scale from 1 to 10 with 1 being hard and 10 being soft, I'd put it somewhere around a 8. I've tried paizuri with it and it felt great, though you'll most likely have a long session. Just playing around with them in my hands is quite enjoyable though. Oh, it's also quite nice to see them jiggle if you push them around a bit too.

    The toy is pretty heavy too, so you don't have to worry about stability issues. However, that means that you'll probably have to put this toy in the tub or shower when you clean it. The large size of it also means that cleaning the toy (and powdering) will take a bit of time.

    Overall, I'm really satisfied with the product. At this point, I don't see myself getting another breast toy, at least until something goes way wrong with this one. Right now, I have my toy in its original box when I'm not using it when so it doesn't get dirty, but I can see myself trying to dress this up a bit too so that I can just set this toy somewhere and fondle them whenever I want.

    These are huge!!!
    Nice to play with

    Pretty heavy (as far as a single toy goes)
    Gotta put it in the tub/shower to wash.

  4. Meiki® Plush EVO

    Since other people have given comprehensive reviews, I'll make this short.
    I've had this doll for a few weeks now, and I've gotta say, had I purchased this toy first, I wouldn't have gotten the Puni Ana Miracle DX and the Puni Ana Kahanshin. This toy is light, and the legs are stable, so you can play with it in a variety of positions. Plus, you don't have to worry about cleaning the entire doll and just have to clean the onahole sleeves itself!
    The only minor grips that I have with it is that the fingers are sown together, and there aren't better toes.
    For this price, this doll is awesome. 100% recommended.

    Holds positions

    No face
    No separated fingers
    No separated toes

  5. Puni Ana Kahanshin DX

    Let me start off by saying this may be a toy that will take you a bit to get used to at first. When I first tried it, my immediate reaction was to give this a 2 star review. However, as I've spent more time with it, I've come to enjoy this toy a lot. So if you do ever decide to get this, please don't immediately throw it away.

    In terms of appearance, the toy looks great. It no longer has that slightly pinkish color that you might have seen from the Miracle DX, but I wouldn't have minded if it were actually in that tanned color. Also, I personally feel the legs are on the skinnier side, but overall they look great.

    It's kind of weird to be talking about the articulation on a sex toy, but with this one, it's worth talking about. As you can see on the package pictures, the toy does feature articulation at various joints. I was personally surprised that at how far the range of movement on those articulation really were (for example, you can easily get it to do the splits). However, the main concern, as others have brought up, is that the toy doesn't hold poses at all because the joints are loose. So unfortunately, even if you wanted to play with it while posing it, you're probably not going to have much luck.

    Sex with the toy:
    So as other have brought up, the holes for both the vagina and the anus are way too small. This was especially problematic at first when I wasn't familiar with the toy. However, the trick is to simply apply some lotion on your penis directly, and you'll have a much easier time inserting. Once in, you'll find that the toy actually feels really good, especially the anal hole. It's unfortunate that most poses won't hold when using this toy though.

    Cleaning and Drying:
    So cleaning with this toy is surprisingly not that difficult. Because of it having an opening on the top, you can easily take this into the shower, and just rinse and wash it that way. However, if you have something like an anal douche and a bathtub, it becomes even easier to clean. Simply put the toy on the side of the bathtub, insert the douche into the top opening and dig around a little bit until you insert it into the correct channel, and then rinse it out that way. You'll also want to invest in a pair of dry sticks and some thin microfiber cloths (like the ones used to clean lenses) for drying it off. Overall, I'd say that the entire cleaning process takes maybe 5 minutes? It actually feels a lot easier to clean than the Miracle DX. Also one last piece of advice - I'd highly recommend that you put a pair of pantyhose or tights on this toy after cleaning. This way, you won't get a lot of gunk on it.

    Some other notable things:
    The butt.. It is amazing. It's kind of flat, but it feels really really really good to fondle. It feels softer than the breasts on the Miracle DX, and I can't recommend it enough. On the other hand, it's kind of weird that there's no bone on the upper part of the feet. This makes situations where trying to put socks/stockings on it kind of difficult, as the foot keeps bending in odd directions.

    Overall, I think the toy is pretty great, but nowhere near perfect. However, due to its high cost and lack of ability to hold poses, I'd say it's biggest draw is its looks. If you have a leg fetish and can afford this toy, then I'd say it's worth it.

    Looks good.
    Feels good.
    Easy to move.
    Easy to clean and dry.

    Can't hold poses
    Takes some time to get used to

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