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  1. Reason to buy Japanese over American hips? (Elaboration Inside)

    (I'm not here to change anyone's mind -- the inverse, actually.)

    I've recently looked into putting money into a life-size hip. For me, purchasing any high-quality hip is going to

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  1. Virgin Loop Double Motion Long Hard

    I'd like to preface this by saying your girth is pretty irrelevant in regards to amount of stimulation, which is contradictory statement to the proclamation made by another reviewer. I say this with decent confidence since the material is firm enough so as to not deform from compression, and, when stretched, the texture seems to stay at roughly the same consistency in comparison to it at its default (i.e., not at all stretched) state.

    I'd like to start with the first-most qualities seen by someone upon first unboxing this onahole which cannot (currently) be feigned virtually:

    Feel: Oddly firm (though, this one notwithstanding, I have never owned a 'firm' Onahole). The edges at the end of it are pretty pointy in comparison to what I expected -- even given its firmness. For the most part, it resembles every-day food-safe latex, which is kind of perturbing given, externally, it's ''''only'''' 6.3" long.

    Weight Synergy: Fits the external feel, which isn't nice, in my opinion (I'm referring to both the external feel and the weight).

    Entrance of the Toy: Really uninteresting. I can honestly specify what is on other Onaholes that is not present on this toy more than pointing out anything of interest here. Two things, though, I'd like to remark on: (1) The hole has basically the same feeling as the rest of the toy's path; (2) entering is unsatisfying.

    Inside: I agree with another reviewer when they state that it feels like sandpaper, but I think I have a better reference point: spongey foam. That being said (along with the title), it is really intense. To elucidate: think of trying to continue thrusting into an Onahole *just* post-orgasm.

    If you're into that feeling or you are higher maintenance sensitivity-wise, this'd be a great toy for you.

    Aggregate Review: 2.5 out of 5.

    Highly Stimulating
    Nice Design
    Seems Durable

    Possibly Too Stimulating
    Lacks Novelty
    Generally Uninteresting

  2. Zodiac Onahole Collection Pisces

    Firstly, this Onahole feels fantastic: they hit the sweet spot, in my opinion, of how much bumps should protuberate from the interior of the sleeve to make it apparent they're there (which I like -- being able to envision the interior) while not being incredibly bumpy so as to basically mimic a vintage wooden roller coaster, eventually causing a kind of numbness (an example of which being Quintet Sister).

    Secondly, I pierced through this really, really fast. Like, five-minutes fast. However, I attribute this to multiple things, some of which I think were my liability to watch out for: (1) I used a heating stick prior to use for about 15 minutes, which did lead to some melting (this wasn't mentioned on the package as something I should be diligent of); (2) I was really inconsiderate in regards to the toy's longevity by being pretty rough with it; (3) and the toy definitely doesn't cater to my length. If I knew what I know now then, I'm almost certain that this toy'd still be a closed-hole.

    Overall, I think that this is a remarkable Onahole for the price and is honestly worth it for the texture alone.

    Great Texture
    Great Price

    Very Short
    Possibly Fragile

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