Trying to find soft OnaHoles with good suction, been through the inventory dozens of times in the last 72ish hours and will probably keep having the problem where reviews say one is loose then the next review says it's tight and that it has no suction, or when I see reviews that say it's hard and then soft in the review right under it. Problem probably being difference is size and being cut or uncut.

Either way I'm about as sensitive as a person can be, a hair under 6¾" and 5" around so those reviews are not helping me that much. I prefer realistic softness levels and am looking for suggestions So Far this week I got.

1.Japanese Real Hole Raw Saika Kawakita - (Was going to get Real Hole Raw Shoko Takasaki then this but reversed the order accidently)
2.Venus Real Soft - (Was no softer option at the time)
3.Gal Zanmai Thick Wrap Blowjob - (Rating mixed with wanting the box)
4.Student Council President - (Ironic humor purchase)

Will get most the TOMAX Rich Soft and Very Soft when having money to burn and them being in stock overlap. Trying to get a list together so I can drop another $150ish in a month. Not looking at Hips or anything larger. Going to go nuts on $20-$30 ones at some point.

Real Hole Raw Shoko Takasaki is the only JAV one I plan on getting for awhile.

Wanting to get one of the Atelier ones but that one has some of the conflicting reviews that's driving me nuts. Probably not soft but wanting some variety before I go after more JAV ones. Trying not to end up with the one resembling a meat grinder, I have Tengas for that...

Looking through the soft ones and reading reviews to locate other soft ones I was able to whittle it down to just 50+ OnaHoles and decided to just ask on the forums...