Hey guys,

This is my first post ever so i don't know how thing work on here, ill just keep it short and simple.

i'm male 5 foot 7 , small hand and my penis is on the smaller size of 4 inches ( rounded up of course ). i'm having difficulty of choosing the right stroker, i need some suggestion and recommendation. im currently looking at Tenga Flip Zero but after reading lots of review and the issue i kindda having a second though of it and i need a good recommendation on what i should buy and possible recommend me a good lube aswell , i don't want it to be too runny and doesn't last long , Currently i've used Fleshlight Pilot , quickshot , Meiki xyz and Tenga Flex.

1. Fleshlight Pilot - to me is just too bulky , heavy, leaking and i barely feel any sensation from it. The lube they provided is not very good.

2. FLeshlight Quickshot - is the same experiance as the above only that is just too small even opening both end still couldn't get any sensation out of it.

3. Meiki xyz - I love the sensation of it but maintaining it is a pain for me and as usual is hard for me to use it with one hand , i had to threw it away after 1 week of using it because of tear and bad maintenance

4. Tenga Flex - my first stroker and is the second favrouite toy of mine , good size for my small hand and the feeling is ok probably the best lube i've ever used , the only gripe i have is controlling the suction , leaking issue and washing it.

I don't mind spending money upward of $100 , i just need 1 good stroker that is similar to Meiki Xyz or better that i can handle with my small hand , ease of maintenance , must be small or tight enought to compensate for my penis. i forget to mention that my girth is not that big i think i've never measure it.

Sorry for my English. I hope you can understand my post.