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  1. Is "Last call" for to-be-Discontinued products a good idea?

    I never really know when something is going to be discontinued. There are clear signs like few/no/bad reviews or that a product is older.

    However, there are simply so many products that

  2. What's the coolest product you won't EVER buy?

    This question can be answered in a lot of ways, but it came to my head when I saw the Rise of the Dragon Silicone Cock Ring. It's a dragon. Cock ring. So sick, yet I don't think I will ever buy it.

  3. Can you suggest 2-3 Kg hip

    I interest this

    But I dont know the brand . Can you suggest some hip 2-3 KG realistic

  4. Is it possible to get a custom made? And questions on the current standard?

    Hi all!

    So several years ago I had a Meiki ZXY and I think a YJY, and Maria Ozawa. They were fun, but I moved a few times and they eventually got worn down and raggedy so I discarded them.

  5. Some site suggestions for community achievements

    Since there are some new community achievements I thought some site changes would also help the use of the community section of ToyDemon

    1. Clicking the discuss on the top bar should open