I’m fairly new to the sex toy/onahole space, so I’m not exactly a connoisseur in any definition of the word. But there are still specific items that I’d want that are offered elsewhere that I’d really prefer to buy through ToyDemon; I imagine that’s the case for most people here.

The last update on product requests that I could find was given a little over a year ago, with the feature being shut down due to omicron. I imagine there are still insane amounts of problems with international shipping, but I think it would be nice to have some way to voice these requests. Maybe some kind of polling feature or inbox specifically meant to receive these requests to gauge demand (versus fulfilling individual purchases). Would probably be pretty easy through the community tab too.

I do know that’s quite a large ask regardless, given the new website launch and the still-recovering state of international commerce. I’m interested in if others would like something similar to this, or if there’s a feature like this that I’ve completely missed.

Thank you for reading,