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  1. Storage and best lube choice

    Not necessarily in that order lol.

    - Years ago they had a lube type on the site, can't remember what it was called, but it was rather "stringy" and tacky. It worked really well. Anyone know

  2. Feature Request: Wish List Sorting Options

    I imagine this is something that the TD team has already looked into, but I wanted to directly ask about wish list sorting options. With the direction the community aspects are going and the 8 product

  3. What's Your Dream Bundle?

    The bundle feature mentioned in the monthly giveaway post now appears on the site, and to be honest it exceeds my expectations. In particular, that intermediate bundle has some heavy-hitters for what I

    General thoughts on the bundle feature?

  4. USB Warmer or Hot Water?

    I'm thinking of picking up the USB Warmer, and although I've heard good things about it, I've also heard mixed things (heat doesn't last very long, it takes a while for it to start heating, etc.) and that

  5. Community Achievement is now live!

    By now, some of you should have received numerous reward points emails telling you that you have received additional points based on the achievements that your account has accomplished.


    Let us know what you think of the achievement system