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  1. When is minami San's big ass by kmp expected to be restocked?

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  1. Mao-Man Real Hole

    The ona feels good, but after some use it does get a little boring because it's so smooth. After a while of not using an onahole it feels great, but that's most likely not limited to this one. Good for long sessions.

    Long sessions

    Can get boring

  2. Meiki no Syoumei 05 Zhang Xiao Yu

    It certainly lives up to the hype that the order number gives it. It's very soft, but stimulating at the same time. The bend in the middle presses the walls right up against you. It also dries quite easily and quickly, but can take a little work to get around the middle to dry out the innermost parts. Have used it for a few months now and have not yet had durability issues.

    Quick drying

    None so far

  3. Amateur Real Mako-Chan

    Similar to the other onaholes of this series it just feels very cheap. Stiff and lacking in stimulation. It is also very shallow. Overall just leading to a poor experience even though it's not that expensive.


    Plain Feeling

  4. Amateur Real Ren-Chan

    The onahole is stiff and lacking in stimulation on top of being very hard to penetrate. Would recommend just getting a more expensive one that actually feels good.


    Lacking in stimulation
    hard to get into

  5. Meiki® Bliss Lotion 250ml

    The lube is great and you need very minimal amounts. It gets everything going easily and stays lubed up for a good amount of time. Definitely need a cleaning solution to go with it though.

    Feels Great

    Needs cleaning solution

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