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  1. What's a good thin lube to use?

    I recently bought the IL PRIMO BACIO Sweet Lotion 220ml lube and I was under the impression that it was a thin lube, but I didn't think it felt that thin. Any recommendations on thin lube?

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  1. TENGA UNI Variety Pack

    I trust Tenga, and the thought of a toy that is usable on both sexes interested me. They did not sacrifice quality for the sake of the gimmick, though. I've tried all 4, and I think that the diamond texture is my favorite. The nice thing is that it is relatively friendly to people of smaller sizes as well! It was fun to experiment with each different texture. In my opinion, it doesn't replace a very good onahole, but if you treat it as a mix up for a handjob, or use it as a dual wield, with one hand having one UNI on either your balls or your nipples, and the other being occupied with the main action. The other thing is, you can still feel your hands through it, as it is a relatively thin material, so you can the added bonus of the toy and your hand being able to touch any spots you like touching (i.e. under the tip or directly on the tip)

    pro/con: you can feel your hand as well as your toy

    unique textures

    reliable brand

    small size (roughly 2.5 inches, but very flexible)

  2. Tenka Ikketsu

    This is a cheaper toy, but honestly one of my favorites. I wouldn't say this is a good starter, because you'll be spoiled with this as your baseline.

    inside is unique and feels great

    Has tears, but has not caused problems as of around 5 uses

  3. Magic Face 2

    Saw a review that said this is the definitive Blowjob toy and I honestly agree. There are no teeth, so if that's your thing, consider that. Very fun to sing your hips into it and have something to actually grab onto

    Helped me discover an irrumatio preference

    The angle can be weird/awkward if you place it horizontally instead of vertically and try to insert it that way

    Can be difficult/awkward to clean

  4. Onatsuyu Pussy Juicy Lotion 370ml

    A good quality lube. Use it very often, other than a cum colored lube (personal fetish)

    lasts a long time
    thicker than other lubes
    A single bottle last me around 3 months of every other day use

    The funnel isn't very accurate. Wide enough to make a mess very easily

  5. Umi No Ana 2 Carnivorous Mermaid

    May just be a personal problem but I have to put in a bit more effort compared to other holes to keep this from popping off of my penis.

    things that arent necessarily pros or cons but worth mentioning:

    Definitely made of a thicker material
    It's straight up just a blue color, so if you're into more skin color holes, you'll need to just take the L

    Feels good
    pattern is really interesting

    Slips out easily

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