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  1. Black Friday Sale 2020 Reference

    I'm using this post to record the sales for people without access or to use a reference for future sales. There was one in the old forum but I think we lost that (prices seem a bit higher this year). Keep

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  1. Secret Lover Himekano

    As other reviewers have raved, this toy is tight. This makes for great suction. The first half is fairly unimpressive, but kicks into gear in the second half when it narrows. The material is firmer than the numbered Meikis allowing you to feel more of the texture. All this combines to make for an extremely stimulating toy.

    There maybe an issue for well-endowed guys. I'm average sized and started to bottom out. The toy might actually be too tight if you can survive long sessions since I've experienced some irritation.

    Intense sensations and tight

    May actually be too stimulating for long sessions

  2. Onawarmer DanDan Stick Type

    Added this warmer into cart and saved it for cold winter months. Definitely better then dipping your banana cold, but didn't heat up as much as expected. Toys would get warmer after use. The heat seems to decline after each use, so maybe some durability issues.

    Clean design

    Not warm enough and declining durability

  3. TENGA Deep Throat Cup

    Received this one for free from the black Friday promotions. Inner material had poor durability even for a one time use item. The ability to control the suction was interesting and the suction was strong, but there wasn't enough stimulation. Required a long session to finish and the material wasn't durable enough to last the session.

    Recommend you save for up for better and more durable/reusable toy.

    Good suction

    Poor sensations and durability. Difficult to finish.

  4. Meiki no Syoumei 06 Yen Jyu Yi

    This meiki is much more mellow than the ZXY. It doesn't feel as textured, but that'll allow you to go at it for longer sessions and achieve a more fulfilling build up that will make you shake. It's also a bit tighter then the ZXY. One of the more realistic toys I've tried as it's not overly stimulating. Choose this one if you like to go for longer sessions.

    Used mine for a few months and haven't seen any of the durability issues other users have faced. There is a bit of a strong smell, but went away after a few washes.

    Great for long sessions

    Had a strong smell at first

  5. Julia +

    Julia provides a slower build up to the climax so you can really relish it. My prior experiences are with the sarah and ZXY which are definitely more sensation oriented toys which provide a quick climax; not saying it's worse only a different experience. Only had a couple uses but durability seems good.

    A couple downsides, i find the breast get in the way of getting a good grip and don't really do much to excite me, and the the tunnel isn't exactly straight causing some weird sideways action. Still good value overall.

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