(I'm not here to change anyone's mind -- the inverse, actually.)

I've recently looked into putting money into a life-size hip. For me, purchasing any high-quality hip is going to be a hefty investment, which has caused me to do some 'extensive' research to determine which one is best catered for me.

Amid my research, I found some companies (which I will not name lest I break the rules, or something) that are based in the USA (though their products are probably manufactured overseas): These companies sell toys remarkably marked down from the markedly marketed Japanese toys on here and imaginably every other site that sells the same hips that are sold on here -- too, probably at a higher price. The thing is, also, they're all larger, heavier, manufactured by well-known companies, and seem to use roughly the same materials (TPR/TPE) and tactics to improve stimulation as well as realism.

I'm probably just being completely ignorant to some major factor(s) that justifies the discrepancies, which is why I'm looking for elucidation.

So, why are Japanese hips so much more money per oz., roughly speaking, than American ones, for the most part?