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  1. I wish we could update reviews. Or...can we update reviews?

    After spending another session or 2 with some of my sleeves, I regret some of the reviews I gave initially. In particular the Mao-Man Real Hole Onahole. My subsequent sessions were a mixture of frustration

  2. Meiki No Syoumei

    Having recently discovered Onaholes, I am trying to do a little catching up. I have found that I am a big fan of the NPG line I mentioned in the title (shocker, I know.) To this end, I have endeavored

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  1. This is the toy for you. Except the accordion would have some give and would be probably more accommodating.

    The packaging was ok, highlighting the toy and a nondescript doe eyed anime girl. The inside of the box contains the toy and the familiar ketchup package of lube.

    The toy has a frosted translucent look. I had to muscle in the warmer, foreshadowing the experience to come. I picked this toy this evening because it was my third go of the day (productive day off.
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    Could potentially deflect a knife attack, certainly a blown dart.

    Feels good, if you like occasionally slamming your member in a car door.

    Easy to clean.

    Chances are, you wont be able to use it.

    It will intimidate all the other Onaholes in your collection, and take their lunch money. Its that hard.

  2. I felt like something was off, as I struggled with the warmer before the session began. I was figuring once I got to business the vaccum trick would fix that, but to be honest, it is a kind of shallow toy, and while I'm a little above average, I have not had this issue with another toy. I literally pounded into this wall trying to find a passage or a node or something, but it was the end. The overall feel is good, and mission accomplished, but I am not sure it would be my first choice at this price point.Show more

    Feels good enough
    Seems well made
    Gorgeous box (I'm beginning to wonder if that is what hypnotized me into the purchase?)

    Shallow, would be an issue for longer gents
    Hard to clean
    Expensive, does not live up to others in its price category

  3. Surprisingly good, for the price. Small, but can handle above average size, and has a very interesting texture. Thought this one was much better than the other product in this line. Great add on when you just want to grab something extra for an order. Very easy to clean.

    Inexpensive, interesting texture, easy to clean

    Smallish, might not be for all gentlemen

  4. Smallish toy with a somewhat uninspiring orifice. Was not super enthusiastic upon first entry but over the period of the session, I started to get the sensations that some users have described, the "milking" feeling. By the end, I had a good time with the toy, and looking forward to future experiences with it. I do understand the sentiment that for a few more bucks you could have a superior product, but this one held up, in my opinion.Show more

    Well made
    "Milking" sensation
    Cleans easily

    Uninspiring orifice
    Might be boring for some users
    Might be worth it to spend a bit more for a superior product

  5. The opening is not visually stimulating, but the internals offer an interesting and intense variety. While very stimulating I was able to still have a controlled, long session with a fantastic ending. It's a large, heavy ona, not quite as thick as the Julia + or the ZYX, but still substantial. It's also a long ona, so it might be a good option for sizable gentlemen seeking a bumpy ride. Cleaning was easy as the unattractive opening is very accommodating for the various sink machinations we are all familiar with.Show more

    Great texture
    Easy to clean
    Lots of room to explore

    Uninspiring orifice

  6. ...where they bend the piece of paper and insert a pencil through it, to illustrate wormholes and warping the space time continuum? That was what came to mind for some reason upon my initial entry to this sleeve. It's a unique and other worldly experience.

    The sleeve itself is a Christmas ham sized, loaf of bullet stopping TPR/E, whatever it is. I am not enthusiastic about the aesthetic, sort of overly bulbous vulva and the whole uh..."loli" thing? But I can overlook that and still sing the praises of this device, as the internals are a reality warping double ring, which offer a constant range of stimulation.
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    Unique intense 2 ring internals is mind blowing. Really a different and fun experience

    That is a lot of product for the price.

    Cleaning is extremely difficult

  7. I purchased this thinking it would be NPGs take on the Julia +, and in many ways, it was exactly that!

    The box has the similar styling to anyone familiar with NPGs products, this time its featuring the coquettish Ishihara Nozomi in a one peice bathing suit. The inside of the box contained a double bagged hefty sleeve, a decent sized bottle of lube, and a small flat plastic package containing the black bathing suit. Going to be honest, I was not particularly interested in the bathing suit.
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    Tight feeling moderately intense sleeve
    Nice details to the torso
    The bathing suit?

    Defect of a pin prick of a hole on the upper back
    The bathing suit?