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  1. **OVER** May 2023 Giveaway #31 - What kind of onahole interior do you prefer?

    It's been about 3 months since we have launched our new site. Hopefully everyone is now more familiar with it. We have been fixing a lot of issues reported to us and still have more features we are adding,

  2. **Over** April 2023 Giveaway #30: If you only have $50 for 1 onahole, which will it be? Why?

    New month, new giveaway! Thanks again to everyone that participated previously, and congrats to the winners!

    Quick update again on site fixes. More fixes are have been pushed while others

  3. Community Giveaway #17: $100 in Rewards for 5 winners! What was your first sex toy / masturbator / onahole?

    So here's Giveaway #17! We are interested to learn what was your first ever sex toy? Let us know below

    How to Enter:

    1. Upvote this post.

  4. **Over ** March 2023 Giveaway #29: Did inflation changed your masturbation behavior?

    We want to thank everyone for participating in our 15 Years Anniversary Giveaway. We appreciate all the compliments and feedback.

    Lot of the issues reported (like login popup on the poll

  5. 15 Years of ToyDemon and the New ToyDemon Website [LONG]

    First of all, we would like to apologize for the down time. Originally we had planned to have down time of max 3 to 4 days. However, Murphy's Law just freaking sucks! Things that were fixed on our development

    Did you actually finish reading the whole post?