Hopefully sometime in the next 3ish months i'll be looking into getting the above mentioned torso, assuming she's in stock at that time. I had a cple questions to ask anybody here who has her already.

Cleaning: I'm already familiar w/ caring for the exterior of toys bought from here (owned a monster wet kia', not to long ago got a love doll victoria - review coming when i've gotten more experience using her). But i'm not familiar w/ the best ways to clean a toy that's not a thru-hole design. I've read up a bit and it seems that an anal/vaginal irrigator + soapy water + soft loofah on a stick is a good way to make sure the interior is clean and ready for drying. This combo hold true for the PaMDX?

Clothing: I want to keep her in a pair of spandex shorts and a tshirt, both for my own preferences and as a boost towards keeping her clean from day-to-day dust, pet hair, ect. Would a petite on both clothing items reasonably fit her, or would i need to bump it up to small?

Thanks for any knowledgeable / helpful replies!