I've always been really aroused by feminine scents, so thought it might be enjoyable to spray my next toy with perfume or body spray. I think catching a hint of it during the day would lead to greater anticipation, and having another sense involved would enhance use.

However, it looks like some body sprays and perfumes are 3-40% essential oils diluted with alcohol or water. I'm cautious about regularly spraying a toy since oil-based lubricants can cause degredation, and remember reading a post that even shampoo can have a negative impact.

So have any of you tried using a perfume or body spray on your toy? How did your toy hold up? Did you check if the spray was made with oils or synthetic aroma compounds, water or alcohol? If you haven't tried, do you think a couple spritzes just on the outside would be deteriorative? A scent made from the right stuff would be okay since there are scented lubes, right?