Hey everyone I was curious if any had recommendations, after years of messing around with onaholes I've started to find that I have a favorite type and I think you would call it soft types. My favorite onaholes ever have been

1. The anal hole of the Puni Ana DX Kiwami. I don't care about it being anal or not, but I would buy this as a regular onahole in a heartbeat.
2. The Puni Virgin 1000 Excite. This has been a great hole, I just wish it was lighter. I have somewhat weak wrists from a previous injury and during long sessions it can be a hassle.
3. The 1mm Virgin by Ride Japan. This one is awesome, for the price and weight of it I could see myself repeatedly buying this onahole for a long long time.
4. The original Hon-mono, man I remember that being insanely soft. I needed something a bit longer I think. I'm not that long, I think I'm just rough with soft toys and tend to punch a hole in the back.

I know generally theres other "softee touch" toys by Ride, and other Puni toys, but it's hard to tell which are intended for softness. I've also heard the Venus Rich Soft might be one to look at.

I've had a lot of other holes too, if more historical preferences would be useful. I had a long phase where I wanted the most intense hole possible but like say have been on a "soft" binge lately and am finding it much more enjoyable.