Hello, looking for some community help regarding the title. I am a little over 6 inches, but I like my onaholes on the smaller / tighter side due to personal fetishes. I prefer the penetrative interior to be 5.5 inches or less, makes it much easier to clean and warm up. I'm looking for onaholes with good friction and texture, basically to be the most stimulating and bring you to climax easily. I'm not interested in endurance training or long sessions. I'm also looking for an onahole easy to hold with one hand that's not awkward or bulky.

The best onahole for me so far has been the ToysHeart Tight Innocent Pussy Hard Edition. Currently it seems to be in the starting phase of falling apart where the interior is starting to slightly crack at the end. Not sure if because I'm slightly too big, my pen wrapped paper towel drying method, or the age of the onahole 9/7/20 is getting to it.

I have tried these other onaholes below, and I will share my opinions of them to give you a better idea of my experiences. I used ToysHeart Onatsuyu Water Lubricant on all of these.
ToysHeart Fairy Onahole - My first onahole, a little too smooth and a normal hand masturbation session felt better, I eventually threw it away after buying the below onahole.

ToysHeart Tight Innocent Pussy Hard Edition - My second onahole, I really enjoy the friction and stimulation it has to offer, but I feel like it could be better.

NPG Meiki no Syoumei 05 Zhang Xiao Yu - My third onahole, I decided to try this after all the raving reviews of how stimulating it was. It is very hard to hold and warm up. It was also very awkward to penetrate and I couldn't maintain a full erection. It's also a complete nightmare to dry / clean. I threw it away the same day I got it, not for me.

Tenga Egg Hard Boiled 6-Pack - My fourth onahole(s?), I wanted to get this and try the various textures to find what was the most stimulating for me. I really like the one with the small dots everywhere that was called "Misty". It was very stimulating for my glans.

ToysHeart A Taciturn Girl - My fifth onahole, I wanted to try something a teeny bit smaller and what seemed to have a better texture than the Tight Innocent Pussy Hard Edition. This onahole is much softer and has much less friction than my second one. I will lose my erection a little bit sometimes because it is too soft unless I grip it harder.

So yeah, I am on the search to find the most stimulating "hard" tight onahole with strong friction that is easy to use and clean. Thanks for reading and any suggestions.