Hey people. I hope you're all doing well out there. As I'm sure most of you know many of our favorite lubes are out of stock right now. I emailed ToyDemon with this question and they were very helpful but I thought I'd check in with the community and see if I could get a bit more info before placing an order.

I'm a Tomax Rich Soft guy. The Romanesco is my favorite. I usually use the Tomax Insomnia lube, but it won't be back in stock for quite some time. Does anyone else who likes the really soft toys have any suggestions for an alternative lube? TD suggested the Onatsuyu or Bliss, but I have some of the Onatsuyu and it doesn't work very well with my toys at all. I'm hoping there's someone out there who also likes the combo of the Insomnia lube and the Rich Soft Tomax toys and has perhaps tried a few others that can share what they feel is the best alternative of the lubes that are still available, or may be back in stock soon. Any help would be greatly appreciated.