So I've been using this lotion since it was first created, many, many years. It was the perfect lotion, until maybe a couple years ago they changed the formula for it and recently just changed the picture of it. Every since that formula change, I developed a severe allergic reaction to this lotion and could no longer use it unfortunately. I emailed the company and they said they did indeed use a different formula with a couple of new additives. I am not sure if it is the sodium ingredient or parabens, but even after using the lotion for one session, I can feel a burning sensation for the next couple days. One time, I tried to ignore it and used it a lot and developed allergic dermatitis. Not a good experience.

Anyways fast forward a couple years until now and I had to switch to Meiki Bliss, which is the 2nd best lotion in the world imo, but sometimes I do miss the feeling of Onatsuyu. I even tried purchasing their latest batch due to the picture change (which I thought the product had a formula change), but still had the same allergic results. I am deeply saddened as to why this happens and could not figure out why this happens or how to prevent it. If anyone here has developed allergic reactions to this lotion too, please let me know.

Lastly, when is TD restocking Meiki Bliss? It's been out of stock for a long time now.