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  1. Shout out to all reviewers!!

    I gotta give a shout out to all the reviewers especially the vets who go into detail. Having bought and owned so many toys, it’s nice to get a good assessment of a toy before diving into it. Giving a d

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  1. Venus Clone Hard

    This toy is no joke when it says hard and stimulating. Tbh this was to much for me. I thought I’ve been beating the crap out of my meat and lost sensitivity. But this toy reminded me that I was still sensitive as F.

    You will feel every dot, bump, curve and hair(if there was lol) in this onahole. That’s not a bad thing if you’re looking to just punish yourself.

    Don’t get me wrong this toy does feel amazing if you’re looking into a super stimulating toy. There’s not a hugging sensation, but that’s from the nature of the material cause it’s not suppose to give you that feeling. It’s not loose either unless you got a thinner.

    This onahole is meaty and sturdy with no give. So it’s not floppy and holds it’s original shape throughout the workout session.

    I own the soft version of this also, which was the reason for purchasing the hard version to really see what I was missing as far as stimulation from the soft version. This toy as far as stimulation is all that and a bag of chips. So be warned.

    I do like to use this onahole as a warm up before using my softer toys. Cause it does train my mind and member to feel all the texture when using a softer toy.

    So overall this isn’t a bad toy at all. It’s great if your looking for that high stimulation.

    If you want to really feel a great quality toy in all its glory from the design internally, you can’t go wrong with this one.

    Long session might give you numb dick or make you over sensitive. Use at own risk :}

  2. Venus Clone Soft

    Absolute perfection. Enough said, but I’ll go into more detail :D.
    I’ve tried a lot of toys and wish I heard and bought from this brand a long time ago.

    The softness and the way this toy hugs your member is pretty damn close to the real deal. The g spot is prominent and gives you that rush when passing back n forth, but that’s not the only detail that makes this toy so great. The pull and hugging sensation gives you that tight(squeeze the air out) wrap around feeling while trusting. The little dots can also be felt vaguely but just enough to complete the realism effect.

    The softness is comparable to the Maria(NPG) but is more meatier and sturdier so you won’t get that floppy feel.

    10/10 for sure with no regrets

    Saves you money from escort services

    Might fall in love and stop wanting the real VJ!!

  3. Young Wife Meiki Mizuno Asahi

    This toy reminds me of the Asa Akira. It’s design with not a lot of high stimulation and made for the long session.

    The spiral towards the end is suppose to give you that hand twisting feeling on the top of your member as you are going deep n coming out. It feels good, but it’s missing something. And that something is the high point where you want to just banging the living crap out of it.

    It just lacks that high stimulation for me. Others may find it pleasing. But as for me I want that damn, it feels so good I can’t stop. I don’t get that with this toy. Out of all the NPG toys, this is my least favorite.

    The material on the outer layer is completely different than all my other NPG toys. It’s soft, but yet firm. It’s not like the Meiki no Syoumei Zero Minami Aizawa or Eimi which is on the firmer outer layer. It doesn’t feel like the Mao-Man either. It does feel durable and will last a long time even with heavy abuse.

    There’s not much more to say about this toy other than it’s like a church girl who doesn’t want to fully give into lust. So you won’t get to excited, but you’ll finish in her just to say you did.

    Entry hole is tight and the toy looks so damn pretty.

    No high stimulation point, just feels good enough to finish

  4. Meiki no Syoumei 12 Eimi Fukada

    I really wanted this to be in my top cause Eimi is so damn fine and her acting skills even for porn is right on point. Sadly this toy is not on point. It’s not bad or great. Just good or in between. I don’t give less than 4 stars unless it truly just on that bad side borderline.

    Out of all the NPG toys I have in my collection, this and the Meiki no Syoumei Zero Minami Aizawa are the only ones to have that pinkish firm soft outer layer.

    It doesn’t stretch out so how you stroke is how you stroke. Other NPG toys are softer so you can get that bouncy feel or by squeezing firmer changes how the toy feels. This reminds me of the magic eye brand toys. It has stimulation, soft yet firm interior. Solid build so it’ll last a life time.

    In a lot of the NPG toys I own I can usually find that sweet spot where the toy shines. But this one just gives that even keel feel. It’s the same if you stroke fast or slow, in deep or shallow.

    Nothing special to brag about. But I’ll bang the crap out of it cause I paid for it.

    Looks so damn fine I can’t wait to go inside

    It’s the lay down girl that doesn’t make a sound or move, but you’ll do it any ways cause it’s a hole

  5. Meiki no Syoumei Zero Minami Aizawa

    This is one of those toys in my collection that falls in the category of do I use it or grab something else. It’s not terrible and not fantastic, it’s meh am I in the right mode for it.

    I found this toy to be good if I want to finish quickly. Anything longer than that I grab for something else. The stimulation feels great initially and goes away after a while. Tbh it’s feel like the Meiki no Syoumei 12 Eimi Fukada but bigger.

    Like greenwood95 said. It’s firm yet has a softness feel on the outer layer. The Meiki no Syoumei 12 Eimi Fukada and this one are the only ones to have this material on the outer layer in the NPG line up that I have in my collection.

    Both have that initial stimulation but then goes to that numb dick feeling. It’s like having sex with a hot girl only to find out her pussy isn’t so good, but you want to finish cause she’s so hot. So you stroke as fast as you can cause any longer you won’t finish. So either or she’ll talk shit about you lol.

    Good for a quickly

    Not for the long haul

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