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  1. Softness Tab

    Hello, I just had a quick question about the details tab on Onahole Products. Is there any plan on adding a Softness tab to the other Onahole Details? The Details tab currently has stuff like Brand/Material/Simulation/Holes

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  1. Meiki no Syoumei 01 Maria Ozawa

    Many years ago, almost a decade now I purchased my first Onahole from Toydemon. It was in fact the Maria Ozawa. I remember I had purchased a Fleshlight and was distraught because if felt like having sex with the Pillsbury Doughboys Wife. Unrealistic, Empty, Durability its only saving grace. Regardless I needed More. So I began searching for something, anything was surely better than this. And then I found Toydemon. An actual internal scan of a beautiful JAV Actress. I was intrigued by this and could wait no longer. I remember the very first time I even tried the Fleshlight prior to using the Onahole for a good comparison. NIGHT AND DAY, PILLSBURY TO PUSSY, I HAD FOUND A SITE WORTHY OF SEX TOYS. All that being said it was amazing and every time I used it I was more than content with my purchase. But as most toys are used they wear and tear. Many years go by, many other purchases made. Until one year I decided to relive the memories of old and repurchase this Onahole....Within a months time I realized something was awry. A hole began to form out the back end as the tunnel structure was compromised. Is it just me? Did I go too hard? NO...There was....A DEFECT. I don't understand how this product continues to be made with such a discrepancy. It is because of this I cannot give a rating higher than one, it would be an injustice to any other purchaser. Is it overlooked? Are people unaware? Will it ever be fixed? Why does the Fleshlight feel like the Pillsbury Doughboys Wife? Find out next time, ON DRAGON BALL Z!!!!

    1.) None at the moment, due to a tunnel defect.

    1.) A tunnel defect.

  2. Onatsuyu Pussy Juicy Lotion 370ml

    Previously I had used the ZXY lube which was a fair bit thicker and I would usually have to add water during a session. This lube can dry out if your going for a longer session. That being said it feels nice and has worked well with several different Onaholes that I have owned . I have not had any irritation or burning from using it either.

    Lots of lube with a good thickness/not too thick.

    Might dry up during longer sessions, can add water to compensate.

  3. Extreme Pleasure Hip Mini 2 Rika Mari

    This is my second time purchasing this item. The first was purchased from OtonaJP about two years ago. I think I had missed Black Friday at some point and decided to try a different site. The lube was very cheap, but the shipping... Regardless having just repurchased this item now from ToyDemon I have to say I am again very pleased with my purchase. Everyone talking about quality and quantity is absolutely correct. (5.5 pounds or 2.5kg in weight 7 by 7.5 inches length to width.) Two Holes Vaginal and Anal, texturing is a bit different in both. All for the price of 87$ and it's even cheaper when they have a sale going on. The anal hole has a tighter entrance but is pleasantly soft. And the vaginal hole, I find it to be more stimulating do to the "Cervix Hole" at the end of the tunnel which envelopes the tip of your dick as you go in an out. On a softness scale I think it is around a 7.5 to an 8. The stimulation is softer like the Yuria Creation as compared to the more stimulating ZXY at around a 7. The Onayatsu lotion seems to pair quite well with this mini hip as compared to some thinner lubes, in my opinion. If you have any vibrating egg, vibrating bullet, or hell one of those cheap ass vibrators they stick in the back of chairs that they call massagers you could put that in one of the holes as you use the other. On second thought don't use the chair vibrator it will probably just tear the material, you should definitely use something smooth like the egg. I'm just saying if women could vibrate their genitals we would be doomed. That being said this toy also has a pleasant heft to it compared to a single Onahole, and I do recommend you warm it up with a Onahole warmer before you use it. Also should wash it off a bit before you use it, and gently dry it out with a microfiber cloth or towel. I'm currently debating whether I should take my old Rika toy and do some "onaholeception" putting a sex toy inside a sex toy. Though it would require me to delicately cut out the inner material, not too much but just enough to envelop a regular Onahole. I'm getting off track, In conclusion if you are looking for something that is bigger and has great quality I could not recommend this mini hip enough 5/5. And I would like to thank Toydemon for almost a decade now you have provided me with quality products and have I have never had a single shipment go wrong, Thanks to everyone who works at Toydemon.

    1.) Price -Top of the Line Mini Hip for One Hell of a Price.
    2.) Feel - Nice and Soft without being overly stimulating/nice balance
    3.) Weight - 5.5 pounds really feels better than your average Onahole

    1.) Cleaning - Might be a bit of a hassle for the normal Onahole user due to the weight. Just be gentle cleaning it out with something like a micro fiber towel/cloth.
    2.) Storage - Going to need a bit more room to store this compared to Regular Onaholes.

  4. Meiki Creation Yuria Satomi

    Just for the sake of comparison I've purchased the following Onaholes:
    Meiki ZXY - 8.9/10 Feels a bit jellylike still very good
    Meiki Maria Ozawa - 7/10 Defect, if not would be 9/10
    Julia + - 8.5/10 Pretty decent overall
    Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro - 9/10 Very soft, a good thickness
    Venus Real Rich Softness 10/10 Extremely soft personal preference
    Mao-Man Real Hole - 8/10 Very tight, its always trying to fly off my cock
    Neotenic Fairy - Feels like 6.5/10 But used as a onahole holder 9/10

    And a few others not worth mentioning...*cough* Fleshlight *cough*. So there I was reading some reviews about people saying it was better than the zxy which got my curiosity going, zxy being the crown holder for the most part. And with Black Friday around the corner I said fuck waiting and bought it beforehand. Patience is not a virtue of mine. Anyhow I'm not certain whether or not I'll be purchasing anything other than this one for quite some time because this is a damn masterpiece. It has both the softness of a single layer toy and the tightness of a dual layered toy. The lube it comes with is perfect, It's a shame I can't purchase anymore of it on the site, who knows maybe they will have it in the future. I did some slight modifications to my Neotenic Fairy and by that I mean I hollowed it out so I could put any onahole in it. I would assume you could do this with most hip toys but those are quite expensive so I did this instead(Highly Recommend). I usually don't jerk off this much but...this creation is all that I could want and then some. Thanks to whomever worked on this and Toydemon for the expedient delivery. 11/10 will buy again



  5. Neotenic Fairy

    Damn I thought the girl in the box was tight, it really does feel like its clamping down on you but in a good way. I haven't run into any tearing issues as of yet but considering it is a triple layer onahole it might be a bit more prone to tearing. The outside itself is a bit on the firm side but the inside is really something. The weight and shape of the ass feels really good in practically any position. The price is about the only thing being considered a con. It was 10$ off on Black Friday so I said screw it and thus far am very happy with my purchase. All in all I'd have to give it a 4.5/5

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