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  1. Do breast toys or the tpe material in general get less firm/soften over time?

    I just recently got a 2nd breast toy and my only downside with it is that its quite firm. I was wondering for those of you who also have had breast toys have yours gotten softer/less firm over time? My

  2. Looking for some softer breast toys

    Like the title suggests im in search of breast toys that are on the softer side, i currently own the Paizuri Bakunyu which is great but would prefer something softer if i could. If anyone has experience

  3. To those with electric onaholes, how are they?

    Like the title suggests im curious to know how these are, can anyone who owns one enlighten me? Are they worth the price point?

  4. Breast toys, how are they actually?

    Ive been on the fence about getting one for quite some time now, for the people that have one how are they?

    Were they worth buying, did they live up to expectations, are they durable, also

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  1. Pururun Tennen Oppai

    This has got to be the softest breast toy ive ever felt, i initially thought it was damaged at first because of how little resistance there was when playing with it but its just that soft. In terms of wanting a breast toy to use as a pillow and play with this has got to be the best one imo, though ive only tried a few others. If you're wanting Paizuri then id look elsewhere as this is way too soft to feel any stimulation.

    Very very soft
    Great pillow
    Weight isnt bad

    Paizuri isnt the best
    Softness could be a downside to some
    Might have problems maintaining its shape over time.

  2. Recommendation of Slow H

    Id say this competes with the more expensive ones imo due to its sensation, i enjoy softer holes and this is exactly that. I prefer to use it more often than some of the others i own.

    feels great, low price

  3. Proportion

    After trying bocca, ZXY and various others id say this one is my favorite(not that the others are bad). The added weight it has is what does it for me and it feels great too, only downside id say cleaning is a bit tougher than others due to its size.

    weight, length, feeling


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