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  1. Anyone here used the dry stick before? does it work?

    my first pair of onahole arrived today!!! was only able to use the julia+ so far but will get to the other one maybe tomorrow. gosh the stimulation of these things are crazy nice!! not too sure the exact

  2. How often do you get items back in stock?

    Been adding some stuff to my cart but some stuff went out of stock before I'm ready to checkout. anyone here know how often are out of stick items restocked? toydemon?

  3. Can anyone here let me know which one is better?

    I want to get one of the meiki series holes since everywhere i search there's hype on these, I have narrowed down to the 3 below but can only afford one right now, what do you guys think? Zhang xiao yu

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  1. Julia +

    This is one of my first two onahole ever and it did not disappoint. I read through so many reviews by other before pulling the trigger, yes I know this is one of the best sellers but still need to do the research. The package was super nice with these reflective flake design along with the super sexy Julia.

    The toy was nice with the sculpting of her body in a twisting pose i find really sexy. the tunnel feels very nice when stroking slowly felling those texture on the path.

    Cleaning was easy but drying took slightly longer since the tunnel is tighter so drying the water inside took a bit longer, will probably invest into one of those dry stick might help.

    Make sure to powder the surface after drying else it'll stick to lent and dusts, I learned it the hard way. Overall great toy

    sexy sculpting of julia's body, nice stimulation with slow strokes.

    slightly harder to dry the tunnel with its' tighter tunnel walls

  2. Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo

    One of my first two onaholes that I got from here, the product is very nice with a very cute package art and the toy itself is very meaty in the hand. The camel toe is attractive and upon inserting into the toy It feels super nice and needless to say I didn't last very long in this baby.

    Cleaning was pretty easy, i just rinsed it with water at the sink and used some liquid soap to wash out everything.

    Make sure you guys powder the outside after it's dry so it's not attracting dust and lents.

    Great toy overall and I would recommend this to anyone.

    Good Size, Camel Toe entrance, meaty and stimulating

    none so far.

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