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  1. Umi No Ana 2 Question

    So I just bought the carnivorous shark, mostly because of the box art and partly curiosity. Its a wonderful toy. I decided to translate the box dialogue and it mentioned that "stimulation is intense even

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  1. R-18

    I've had this toy for quite a while. I am a bit girthy and slightly above average in length and I found myself just barely bottoming out into the toy without pulling forward more.

    The material is nice, but it does get a bit tacky the longer Ive had it. It needs regular powdering. The material is also prone to creases if you leave it resting against something, and if you have it sitting under another ona it might even squish it a little. This is due to the material being a bit malleable as advertised. This is after owning it for a long time, about half a year or so, with very frequent use. Its definitely durable.

    Onto the sensations.

    First things first, the suction here is wonderful if you go out of your way to squeeze as much air out as you can. After that, inserting is nice and easy, its soft yet hard, a bit difficult to describe.

    You can rotate this toy 4 ways. Each way offers different stimulation. The way with the nubs on your frenelum is the most intense but feels amazing. I also found that when the nubs were facing the topside, my id actually climax faster due to it constantly brushing the ridge of my glans. When shifted so that the nubs and ribs are on the side, its much easier to go to town and fuck the ona like a machine, but it stimulates the sides of your glans wonderfully.

    Lastly the cervix area. Its a little lacking. Its very smooth. The cool thing is the little heart stinger. I find myself pushing into it on purpose then rotating the end of the ona to feel the stinger glide around my glans. Very nice, though i wish they textured more of the cervix for more stimulation.

    Cleaning is easy, and a dry stick does well here. Nothing to complain about.

    Good suction.
    Multiple ways to stimulate.
    Soft material.
    Feels great and very intense at times.

    Material is very malleable, store carefully.
    Cervix could use more stimulation.
    Baby soft material becomes sticky long term.

  2. Umi No Ana 2 Carnivorous Mermaid

    The Umi No Ana 2 is quite wonderful. Right out of the box your can feel the quality of the Onahole, this one feels like itll last quite a bit before needing a replacement. It did have some very very superficial marks around the body of it after the first session but they were only noticeable when I looked it over for powdering.

    The entrance also has this little ring which adds to the toys tightness but I also saw some very minor fraying upon my first use, this may be a problem later, or may not.

    Moving onto the actual sensations.

    Just wow. I'm a huge monster girl fan, specifically anything shark related, so I nabbed this immediately. The gimmick with shark scales in the front isnt just a gimmick, it feels AMAZING. Its very high intensity, which I prefer in my Onaholes. The further you push in, the more it changes. I found that the best feeling came from point one, though it was so intense I cant review the rest of the points yet because I need a few more sessions.

    This is very very stimulating, you will need a bit more lube than you think you do, but the toy cleans very well. I found myself having to stay inside after climax for a bit, its that stimulating.

    As others have said, you need to be hard to enter this toy, and that is not a joke. It will try and spit you back out, its very firm. I also suggest squeezing as much air out of it as you can! Feels even better.

    Overall, I say this a great product. I want another one as a backup, but it sold out in about a week so you have to be fast.

    Cleaning was easy
    Super stimulating
    Feels carnivorous
    Can see yourself inside somewhat

    You do need to be hard, keep that in mind.

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