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  1. I’m hoping for more cute puni style hips and or sleeves (but not too tight)

    I purchased and really like the Fuwa Fuwa Rori Ero Gakuen so I’d like to see more like that or even like the Punipuni Bomber Soft.

    Who’s with me? :)

    Thanks toydemon for sel

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  1. This is actually one of the most attractive toys I’ve bought and I’ve got over 30 toys. I wasn’t sure whether I would like the flat sides or not but it didn’t really bother me. Both holes are great. It has that inner lining that makes it feel intense while using

    Actually attractive to look at. Easy to clean. Amazing feeling both outside and inside. Not too tight not too loose.

    The inner lining while feeling amazing wasn’t as securely connected as some other toys with an inner lining but I don’t imagine it’ll be a problem based upon a lubricated use.

  2. I’ve lost track of the number of blow job toys I’ve purchased in the past only to toss them in the trash. This toy was amazing and definitely worth getting. The tongue feels great and the roof of the mouth provides hyper stimulation.

    It’s attractive, your dick won’t recoiled in distaste when you shove into it :-)
    It’s snug but not too snug and while it could be deeper he gets the job done. I didn’t like the teeth but fortunately they were easy to remove.

    It’s a little tricky to clean, be prepared to run it under a water faucet and rod/finger cleaning. A small price to pay for a good time.

  3. It looks cute and realistic and despite only having one hole for the V, it more than makes up for it with the silky softness of that channel. It has a small indentation to represent the A but there’s only one hole.

    It’s made of material that is unbelievably soft, and I was initially worried it would be too soft, my concern was quickly erased however and As an older guy who doesn’t need a lot of friction or unusual bumps in the channel this one toy was mind blowing.

    Looks attractive and realistic, very easy to clean and can be held in one hand or two, I enjoyed it more with two hands and pounded it unmercifully, LOL


  4. I’d prefer to give this a 3.5 but I’m going to give me the four because I really liked the smooth interior as a departure from more of the textured version toys I use

    This is one of those toys where you’re not looking at it when you’re working it up and down on you and focusing your attention elsewhere :-) and that’s fine, sometimes you want to focus on the feeling and not the attractiveness of the toy. It was fairly easy to clean and dry.

    Because it’s very soft, it has a tendency to drag on you as the other reviewer pointed out. A minor negative offset by extra lube.

  5. Super soft mini torso that’s very fun to bang. The V hole looks nicely puni and feels great with both short and long strokes. it came well sealed and obviously brand new.

    The A hole looks equally nice and tiny but stretches just fine due to the soft material.

    I really appreciate a torso/toy with two usable holes and especially if the A hole is good, because that’s extra spicy.

    Both holes are a lot of fun and look realistic. Because the holes connect deep inside it makes running water through to clean it a little easier than it might otherwise be for such a big toy

    Drying it is a little tricky, I use a thin cotton hanky and squeeze the torso while the hanky is inside to help dry it out.

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